Otaku Time // Anime Summer 2018 Σ(*ノ´>ω<。`)ノ

Sydney is now a week into winter and boy is it cold!!! At times like these I wish I was back in Japan soaking up the sun and cooling down with kakigori~ Oh wells...maybe next year~ Anyway, now that it's summer in Japan its time to share my anime watch list that I'm looking forward to watching this season!!!

Winner winner chicken dinner ⋋(◍’Θ’◍)⋌

While myself, Florence and Sarah were in Burwood for desserts in the morning we were also invited to pop by Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory to try out their menu. Apparently Chir Chir (pronounces as Chi-re Chi-re) is one of South Korea's largest chain restaurant known for its signature freshly-cooked Korean chicken dishes. Also,there are currently over 100 stores across Korea, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Dulcet Sweets & Cakes ♡

 On my next adventure I was invited to pop by Dulcet Cakes & Sweets in Burwood Plaza to taste their cute looking cakes and matcha treats. I have been seeing their kawaii cakes and drool worthy matcha desserts on my instagram feed for quite some time but I was a little sceptical as to whether they actually tasted as good as they looked because...you know some places are like that and it's honestly a waste of my stomach quota and a huge disappoint when that does happen! 

Flour Drum // Burger & Pasta (๑꒪▿꒪)*

I finally made my way to Newtown's Flour Drum cafe where they serve rustic food inspired by traditional preparation techniques with a modern approach. I've always wanted to try the dishes there as I've been seeing so many hearty dishes on their instagram page. 

Otaku wishlist - Pullip Dolls (≧∇≦*)

Image result for pullip doll collection
I haven't shared a wishlist blog post since 2016 and thought I'd bring it back starting off with something otaku-related. I've always wanted a Ball joint doll or Pullip doll for the longest of time, yet I still haven't purchased any as I've had other things that I needed to invest in or wanted more than a doll. Some people find dolls creepy but for me I'm not too sure exactly what captivates me when I look at them but I find they have this mysterious beauty to them. Although BJD/Pullips are not a huge thing here in Sydney I still search the net to keep up to date on the next anime character being made into a BJD or Pullip doll.
Below are a few favourites that are on my wishlist and if I did have the spare cash to spend on dolls here are the ones that I would consider getting. 

Azuma at Chifley

Two of my friends had arranged for their birthday dinner to take place at Azuma which is located in Chifley Square. We were taken to a private room on arrival which was decorated with various Japanese art work hanging on their walls.