Flour Drum // Burger & Pasta (๑꒪▿꒪)*

I finally made my way to Newtown's Flour Drum cafe where they serve rustic food inspired by traditional preparation techniques with a modern approach. I've always wanted to try the dishes there as I've been seeing so many hearty dishes on their instagram page. 

Otaku wishlist - Pullip Dolls (≧∇≦*)

Image result for pullip doll collection
I haven't shared a wishlist blog post since 2016 and thought I'd bring it back starting off with something otaku-related. I've always wanted a Ball joint doll or Pullip doll for the longest of time, yet I still haven't purchased any as I've had other things that I needed to invest in or wanted more than a doll. Some people find dolls creepy but for me I'm not too sure exactly what captivates me when I look at them but I find they have this mysterious beauty to them. Although BJD/Pullips are not a huge thing here in Sydney I still search the net to keep up to date on the next anime character being made into a BJD or Pullip doll.
Below are a few favourites that are on my wishlist and if I did have the spare cash to spend on dolls here are the ones that I would consider getting. 

Azuma at Chifley

Two of my friends had arranged for their birthday dinner to take place at Azuma which is located in Chifley Square. We were taken to a private room on arrival which was decorated with various Japanese art work hanging on their walls. 

Pofee Luncine Lens Review ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

It has been a very long time since I last reviewed colour contacts as I haven't had the chance to try out any new designs or series. Also, I usually purchase my colour contacts from Japan and it has been 3 years since I last went and I just haven't had the chance to jet off to Japan recently. However, LoveShoppingHolics recently re-approached me to do some reviews for them so I said why not! I've personally have shopped with them before so I can honestly say that I trust their products that they sell, however LoveShoppingHolics only stock yearly disposal lenses and I do prefer daily disposal lenses as they are much more comfortable in my opinion. Which is why I also purchase colour contacts lenses from another website called HoneyColor for monthly, weekly and daily lenses. 

Circa 1876

Recently, I made my way to Hunter Valley with my friends for one reason...FOOD! We simply wanted to go on a mini food adventure and also check out the wineries before the grapes and leaves completely gone. We were deciding where we wanted to go for lunch and we ended up booking Circa 1867 as their menu sounded amazing and they had won the 2017 NSW Regional 'Fine Dining' award from Savour Australia.

We originally wanted to go for their 7 course tasting menu, however due to the time constraint we opted for the 3 course menu which included an entrée, main and dessert. Florence and I decided to share the dishes we had chosen so we could taste more than just 3 dishes.  

Summer at Hacienda Bar Sydney

March this year was relatively warm with the extended summer weather here in Sydney making it the perfect weather to take some beautiful shots at Hacienda Bar for my friends birthday bash. 

My dear friend, Florence, loves being a little extra here and there and this time she made sure to book a beautiful venue with a lot of natural lighting and of course made her friends dress up for the occasion. For the ladies we were to come head to toe in white and for the gents a collared shirts would suffice. 

Luckily for us on this 40 degree hot boiling day we would enjoy the celebration with food, drinks and musics all under the aircon on full blast! The dishes served at Hacienda were quite delightful to have on this hot summer-like autumn day and the cocktails were just refreshing. I wanted a strong yet refreshing drink so I ordered the Chariman's plane ($21) which consisted of spiced rum, aperol, pink grapefruit syrup and lime juice. It was delicious.