Review: Cure Natural Aqua Gel

The right side is my dead skin on the back of my hand after massaging my face.(Hope it didn't gross you guys out!)

I came across this product during my post-HSC trip in Hong Kong, where I was told it was an exfoliator. I have never come across a exfoliater without the micro-beads in it and so I decided to give it a try!! & I never looked back!!
Cure is Japan's Number 1 selling product, selling 1 bottle every 20 seconds making!!
Cure Natural Aqua Gel is a gentle and natural exfoliating, removing unwanted dead skin without causing undue stress to the skin and it does NOT dry or thin your skin!! The ingredients  used to make this product is all natural  making is safe for our skin to use!!


The consistency of the product is gel-like where no micro-beads are present unlike many other exfoliators! It is  also fragrance-free!! I usually take 1-2 pumps and massage it onto my face and soon balls of dead skin start to clump up together, removing all the unwanted dead skin so that our new skin can grow easily. After massaging for a minute or two I rinse my face with luke-warm water, leaving my face feeling so much smoother and able to absorb my skincare products much better!!

My skin definitely feels cleaner and smoother allowing my daily skincare products to be absorbed much more better!!

I would definately recommend this product!!

-Miss.Sherinnnaa (Sennnaa/Rinnnaa

Review: GEO Angel & Tri-tone series Circle Lens

My story:
I first started wearing GEO Colour Contacts back in 2008 where my cousin had given me a pair of them as a gift! The very first pair of contacts which I ever wore were the GEO ANGEL GRAY!I remember the first time putting them in and wearing them!Putting both contacts into my eyes for the very first time took me roughly 10mins..I wasn't the sort of person who hesitated and was not scared to try things out, so placing contacts on my eyes wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.
Since then I've been wearing different colour contacts every now and then! So I will be sure to update on my colour contact reviews. (Trust me I have worn more than 3 pairs of contacts!!)

Review: GEO ANGEL GRAY (me in 2008)& GEO ANGEL BROWN (me in 2009)
These babies got me into circle lenses!! They gave me that dolly-like eyes and super comfy to wear as i was just starting to begin to wear them! The colour's are super amazing as they are vibrant!

GEO Angel Ratings:


My eyes would look bigger, brighter and dolly-like just wearing them!


They were quite comfy (better than I would have expected).  

The colour is more vibrant so definitely not a natural look but it's great for special occasions, especially they gray! The brown is slightly more toned down but still has that vibrant colour in them.

As these were the first few pairs of GEO coloured lenses i ever wore in my life i LOVE wearing colour contacts as they just bring more life to my eyes!!

Review: GEO Three-tone Brown

After wearing more vibrant and dolly-like contacts I decided to try out a more of natural feel. And boy did these lenses give off a very natural look indeed!! They made me look as if I was mix ethnicity!! They were super comfy, as it felt i wasn't even wearing them in the first place!!I absolutely loved these!!

GEO Three-Tone Brown Ratings: 

I don't feel they give that super dolly eye effect of enlargement but it does have a natural enlargement effect.

Super comfy and did not feel like i was wearing them at all!!!

Super natural!!!!!!! I got lots of compliments from wearing these and a lot if people questioning my ethnicity too~ 

Definitely one of the best natural coloured contacts i've ever tried on so far!

-Wear circle lenses for a maximum of 8 hours as advised. 
-Bring your contact case whenever you wear your contacts!!It will come in HANDY!!
-Clean them often!!As it's really important to take care of your lens because they come so close in contact with your eyes that you can't afford for anything to go wrong.

Comments are love ♥


Review: Urban Decay Primer Potion

This has been a must-have in my makeup bag recently.
The urban decay is a really good eyeshadow primer. It allows my makeup stay a lot longer than it normally would, and really brings out the colours in my eyeshadows.

I know this primer is often compared to the Two-Faced shadow insurance. However I don't own the TFSI, so I can't do a full product comparison of the two. But I have read in many places that the UDPP is much better for oily lids, while the TFSI is good for dry to normal lids. I have oily lids, and that is the reason why I chose the UDPP over the TFSI when purchasing. Having said that though, I do plan to buy the TFSI in the future to try it out, maybe after i've finished my current bottle of  the UDPP.

I have oily lids, and it seems that EVERY eyeliner smudges on me, regardless of how waterproof or how long-lasting the eyeliner claims to be. But I find that with this primer, my eyeliner can stay on much longer without transferring or smudging, which makes me feel a lot more confident about putting eyeliner on my bottom lash line.

Below, I did a swatch of the same eyeshadow with and without the primer as a base. As you can see, the side with the primer appears much more vibrant and the colour more pigmented.
The primer really holds onto colour well. Even when washing these swatches off my hand, the side with the primer on was much more resistent to water and my oil-based remover.

Left: Without UDPP as a base.   Right: With UDPP as a base.

However....I, like most other people, hate the packaging of the UDPP. The curves in the bottle make it really hard for the applicator to get to the product itself, making it almost impossible for us to get all of the product out of the bottle without having to cut it up or depot it. It is probably the only bad thing I can say about the item itself. But, it now comes in a tube form, which makes it sooo much easier for everyone.

I really do like this product. It really allows my makeup to stay a lot longer, and makes the colours of my eyeshadows pop. Despite the impractical packaging, I would definately recommend it to everyone who needs an eyeshadow primer.

- Little Miss [C]

Review: Models Prefer Eyeshadow Palettes

Models Perfer -Warm Eye Shadow Palette
Pros: Very nice pigmentation, which is very wearable for an everyday look. The eye shadows are not dry making it easy to blend. The price is really reasonable too and it is perfect for traveling. They also come in different shades.

Cons: It comes with a double end sponge tip applicator (as I am not a huge fan of them-I prefer brushes).

Other than the applicator, this palette is affordable and perfect for those if your just starting out in make up.
You can purchase their palettes at your local pharmacy. I got mine when it was first released at Priceline.



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