Review: GEO Angel & Tri-tone series Circle Lens

My story:
I first started wearing GEO Colour Contacts back in 2008 where my cousin had given me a pair of them as a gift! The very first pair of contacts which I ever wore were the GEO ANGEL GRAY!I remember the first time putting them in and wearing them!Putting both contacts into my eyes for the very first time took me roughly 10mins..I wasn't the sort of person who hesitated and was not scared to try things out, so placing contacts on my eyes wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.
Since then I've been wearing different colour contacts every now and then! So I will be sure to update on my colour contact reviews. (Trust me I have worn more than 3 pairs of contacts!!)

Review: GEO ANGEL GRAY (me in 2008)& GEO ANGEL BROWN (me in 2009)
These babies got me into circle lenses!! They gave me that dolly-like eyes and super comfy to wear as i was just starting to begin to wear them! The colour's are super amazing as they are vibrant!

GEO Angel Ratings:


My eyes would look bigger, brighter and dolly-like just wearing them!


They were quite comfy (better than I would have expected).  

The colour is more vibrant so definitely not a natural look but it's great for special occasions, especially they gray! The brown is slightly more toned down but still has that vibrant colour in them.

As these were the first few pairs of GEO coloured lenses i ever wore in my life i LOVE wearing colour contacts as they just bring more life to my eyes!!

Review: GEO Three-tone Brown

After wearing more vibrant and dolly-like contacts I decided to try out a more of natural feel. And boy did these lenses give off a very natural look indeed!! They made me look as if I was mix ethnicity!! They were super comfy, as it felt i wasn't even wearing them in the first place!!I absolutely loved these!!

GEO Three-Tone Brown Ratings: 

I don't feel they give that super dolly eye effect of enlargement but it does have a natural enlargement effect.

Super comfy and did not feel like i was wearing them at all!!!

Super natural!!!!!!! I got lots of compliments from wearing these and a lot if people questioning my ethnicity too~ 

Definitely one of the best natural coloured contacts i've ever tried on so far!

-Wear circle lenses for a maximum of 8 hours as advised. 
-Bring your contact case whenever you wear your contacts!!It will come in HANDY!!
-Clean them often!!As it's really important to take care of your lens because they come so close in contact with your eyes that you can't afford for anything to go wrong.

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