Review: Urban Decay Primer Potion

This has been a must-have in my makeup bag recently.
The urban decay is a really good eyeshadow primer. It allows my makeup stay a lot longer than it normally would, and really brings out the colours in my eyeshadows.

I know this primer is often compared to the Two-Faced shadow insurance. However I don't own the TFSI, so I can't do a full product comparison of the two. But I have read in many places that the UDPP is much better for oily lids, while the TFSI is good for dry to normal lids. I have oily lids, and that is the reason why I chose the UDPP over the TFSI when purchasing. Having said that though, I do plan to buy the TFSI in the future to try it out, maybe after i've finished my current bottle of  the UDPP.

I have oily lids, and it seems that EVERY eyeliner smudges on me, regardless of how waterproof or how long-lasting the eyeliner claims to be. But I find that with this primer, my eyeliner can stay on much longer without transferring or smudging, which makes me feel a lot more confident about putting eyeliner on my bottom lash line.

Below, I did a swatch of the same eyeshadow with and without the primer as a base. As you can see, the side with the primer appears much more vibrant and the colour more pigmented.
The primer really holds onto colour well. Even when washing these swatches off my hand, the side with the primer on was much more resistent to water and my oil-based remover.

Left: Without UDPP as a base.   Right: With UDPP as a base.

However....I, like most other people, hate the packaging of the UDPP. The curves in the bottle make it really hard for the applicator to get to the product itself, making it almost impossible for us to get all of the product out of the bottle without having to cut it up or depot it. It is probably the only bad thing I can say about the item itself. But, it now comes in a tube form, which makes it sooo much easier for everyone.

I really do like this product. It really allows my makeup to stay a lot longer, and makes the colours of my eyeshadows pop. Despite the impractical packaging, I would definately recommend it to everyone who needs an eyeshadow primer.

- Little Miss [C]

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