Confession of a SASA-HAULIC

Preview for my SASA-HAULIC
Look forward to it!
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Online Gyaru Fashion Hual

Hey guys so this is my first time filming a speaking video by myself and i hope you enjoy watching my Gyaru-related online fashion hual!!!

Liz Lisa 

Liz Lisa is annually presented at the Tokyo Girls Collection, which is an event highlighting the newest and most fashionable street wear produced by Japanese labels and brands. 

Wakatsuki Chinatsu (W♥C) is a very popular Gyaru brand targeting young adults. Many gyaru models can be seen wearing W♥C clothing's, for the cute and retro designs. The logo are the bears known as "KUMATAN"


First 2 Makeup Tutorials

We finally got around uploading our first intro video as well as our first two makeup tutorials!!


First makeup tutorial by Rinnnaa
Here is my own Gyaru inspired makeup tutorial~
Gyaru when literally translated to english means "GAL'. Gyaru is a girly-glam style, breaking all the rules of "what is pretty" and dwelling on man-made beauty which includes: wigs, fake lashes, fake nails, etc. The gyaru trend often includes dying hair to a lighter shade, excessively decorated nails and makeup. This makeup often consists of dark eyeliner and dramatic fake eyelashes and they generally wear cosmetic circle lenses as well to enhance the size of their irises. Brands such as Dollywinks cater to this particular fashion by producing lashes, circle lenses and other cosmetics that are popular.

First makeup tutorial by Cindy
Here is my own makeup tutorial, Give Me Gold
This gold-bronze smokey look is very versatile! It is a pretty and neutral look great for an everyday look and if you just add a darker shade to it you can transform it into a night look as well!!