Online Gyaru Fashion Hual

Hey guys so this is my first time filming a speaking video by myself and i hope you enjoy watching my Gyaru-related online fashion hual!!!

Liz Lisa 

Liz Lisa is annually presented at the Tokyo Girls Collection, which is an event highlighting the newest and most fashionable street wear produced by Japanese labels and brands. 

Wakatsuki Chinatsu (W♥C) is a very popular Gyaru brand targeting young adults. Many gyaru models can be seen wearing W♥C clothing's, for the cute and retro designs. The logo are the bears known as "KUMATAN"



  1. Hi there, I like your haul video. Clothes are very nice. Where you get them?

    1. Hey there!
      Regarding where to purchase the gyaru pieces i had purchased i got a few from friends to buy for me while they were in japan but there are a few websites which do sell this item such as or but the price can be a bit pricey.

    2. Hi. Thanks for reply.
      I know the site or But a lot comments from friends and bloggers said that both sites are selling fake WC and Liz Lisa. So I doubt to buy from them.

    3. Ahh okay. Sorry i couldn't be of any help there.
      If you are interested i will be selling off clothing's from my wardrobe and I will be including some gyaru pieces too. Most of them will be unworn or worn once/twice.

    4. Cool,
      That's would be great. You gonna post sales items on your blog right? or you can send me email when you have sales
      Thanks a lot Senna

    5. Yes i will be posting the items up onto my blog, and if i have the time i will also announce and model some items through a video on my youtube channel :)
      & yes i will be able to send you an email when i have the sales up :)


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