Review: Laneige White Plus Renew Foam Cleanser

Laneige's White Plus Renew Foam Cleanser is one of my favorite cleansers to use in the morning as it is really light, fluffy and soft against the skin. I'm already into my 3rd bottle now!


Formula: ★★★★★
The formula in the bottle is liquid but once you push the dispenser the liquid formula becomes a light and fluffy foam!!

Cleansing: ★★★★★
"Mild cleansing foam removing impurities and dead cells for brighter skin tone"
After each wash in the morning my skin does feel soft and refreshed with the removal of impurities and dead skin cells allowing my skin to absorb all my skincare products sufficiently!!

Overall: ★★★★★
This is definitely one of my favorite cleanser which i love to use in the morning due to it's soft, fluffy and foamy texture! Not only does it cleanse and removes impurities and dead cells but it also has a whitening effect! 


Review: Laneige Sunblock Aqua SPF35/PA++


"Daily sun care replenishing last moisture"
Laneige Sunblock Aqua is great for all skin types!! It is a light and non-sticky liquid which refreshes and hydrates the skin while protecting it from UV rays.

Great sunblock to use daily! Really moisturizes the skin while protecting it from UV rays with its' SPF35.


Review: Suisse Programme Deluxe Star Set (part 1)

Recently I had just received the SUSSIE PROGAMME DELUXE STAR SET from SASA. The set includes a serum, day cream, eye gel, night cream and a vital mask.
The Cellular Skin Radiance Serum restores firmness, hydrates and tones the skin. Apply after cleansing the face to both the face and neck.


Hydration: ★★☆
The solution gets absorbed really quickly not giving a very hydrated feel to my skin.

Formula: ★★☆
The formula is a liquid form with a slight gel-like texture. It is very light and easy to apply onto the face. 

Overall: ★★☆
This product is suitable for all skin type and very light and easy to use. One downfall is that it can feel quite sticky during application but after continuous patting (the product onto the face) the stickiness does disappear.
The Celluar Aqua Day Cream hydrates and stimulates the renewal of the skin leaving the skin softer and suppler.


Hydration: ★☆☆
This product is quite hydrating and leaves the skin moisturized. 

Formula: ★☆☆
The formula is a cream formula which is not thick and is oil-free.

Overall: ★☆☆
This product is very good for dry/delicate skin type and great for those looking for a great hydrating cream.
The Cellular Total Complex Eye Gel is rapidly absorbed and leaves the skin around our eyes hydrated and tightens the tissues to reduce the appearance of eye bags and dark eye circles. Apply this twice a day (morning/night) for better results is recommended! 


Formula: ★
I really like the formula of this eye gel as the gel is really light and easy to use.

I really recommend this product to those who have dark eye circles or are starting to develop eye bags un
der their eyes!

To be continued...(PART 2- night cream and vital mask)


Review: Urban Decay NAKED Palette

Hey everyone!
So today i'll be doing a review for you guys on the Urban Decay Naked Palette
I'm sure a lot of you are very familiar with this palette, but I thought I would a quick review on it, as i'm sure many people want to know about this palette before buying it.

I absolutely love this palette. The quality of the 12 shadows are amazing, and the shades they give you match so well together; making it super convenient for travelling, and perfect for those just starting out with making and wanting to expand their collection.
The palette comes with 12 shades, ranging from highlight shades, neutrals to darker, smokier colours. There is also a combination of matte, shimmery and satin shades; making it really easy to create a tonne of different looks with just the one palette.
The naked palette also comes with a eyeshadow brush (or the double ended eyeliner), as well as a mini primer potion (3.7 ml)
Unlike most other eyeshadows that I own, I haven't had much trouble with fallout. Maybe just a little bit with the more shimmery shades, such as half baked, but I can just brush it off when i'm done and it doesn't seem to create too much of a problem.
The only thing I had trouble with, was getting my hands on it! I live in Sydney, and they don't actually sell this palette in stores, and much of the time it was 'sold out' on online stores. I actually received this as part of my birthday present a few months ago, from a few friends!
The palette is also a little bit on the pricey side! The official website sells it for around $50, but I've seen them range up to $90 on some online stores. verdict on this palette.
I love this palette. It's pretty compact, and all the shades match well together, making it super convenient and great for travel! The mini primer potion and brush make it even easier. I would definitely recommend it! If you can get you're hands on one, I definitely think it's a great product to add to you're make up collection!

As this palette is extremely versatile, I will be doing a series of looks using this palette. So if you're interested, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay tuned! :)

Hope you are all having a great day.
- Cindy

Review: Natural Pack Charcoal Mask

0% makeup on =P
Natural Pack's Charcoal Masque is a mask designed to remove whiteheads and blackheads by plucking them out. It is suitable for combination and/or oily skin types making our skins dirt-free!!I use this once a week to give my face that extra clean feel from all the dust and dirt
0% makeup on
How to use:
1) Apply and speed the mask evenly onto the face(AVOID Sensitive areas around your eyes and EYEBROWS!! But if you do get them on your eyebrows just use warm water to wash it off once it's dry so you don't pluck your eyebrows when peeling the mask off)
2) Wait for the mask to dry(20-30mins)
3) Once the mask is dry, gently peel off the mask bottom up!
4)Apply moisturizer/toner afterwards for better results!


Application: ★★★☆☆

Easy to apply but can get messy

I applied a quite thin layer of the mask the first time which came to the issue of peeling the mask off as it would break of small parts of the mask each peel so it can be quite consuming. In this case i suggest to use a slight more thick layer for easy removal.

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆
Overall this product is not so bad for only less than $3, and it does not hurt my skin, as i was quite afraid that something this amazingly cheap which i will be using on my face may come with the risk of damaging my skin. This product is cheap and affordable and safe to use!You can purchase these online and at Asian cosmetic shops!!I got mine for less than $3 at DAISO, so what are you waiting for!!