Review: Natural Pack Charcoal Mask

0% makeup on =P
Natural Pack's Charcoal Masque is a mask designed to remove whiteheads and blackheads by plucking them out. It is suitable for combination and/or oily skin types making our skins dirt-free!!I use this once a week to give my face that extra clean feel from all the dust and dirt
0% makeup on
How to use:
1) Apply and speed the mask evenly onto the face(AVOID Sensitive areas around your eyes and EYEBROWS!! But if you do get them on your eyebrows just use warm water to wash it off once it's dry so you don't pluck your eyebrows when peeling the mask off)
2) Wait for the mask to dry(20-30mins)
3) Once the mask is dry, gently peel off the mask bottom up!
4)Apply moisturizer/toner afterwards for better results!


Application: ★★★☆☆

Easy to apply but can get messy

I applied a quite thin layer of the mask the first time which came to the issue of peeling the mask off as it would break of small parts of the mask each peel so it can be quite consuming. In this case i suggest to use a slight more thick layer for easy removal.

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆
Overall this product is not so bad for only less than $3, and it does not hurt my skin, as i was quite afraid that something this amazingly cheap which i will be using on my face may come with the risk of damaging my skin. This product is cheap and affordable and safe to use!You can purchase these online and at Asian cosmetic shops!!I got mine for less than $3 at DAISO, so what are you waiting for!!


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