Review: Suisse Programme Deluxe Star Set (part 1)

Recently I had just received the SUSSIE PROGAMME DELUXE STAR SET from SASA. The set includes a serum, day cream, eye gel, night cream and a vital mask.
The Cellular Skin Radiance Serum restores firmness, hydrates and tones the skin. Apply after cleansing the face to both the face and neck.


Hydration: ★★☆
The solution gets absorbed really quickly not giving a very hydrated feel to my skin.

Formula: ★★☆
The formula is a liquid form with a slight gel-like texture. It is very light and easy to apply onto the face. 

Overall: ★★☆
This product is suitable for all skin type and very light and easy to use. One downfall is that it can feel quite sticky during application but after continuous patting (the product onto the face) the stickiness does disappear.
The Celluar Aqua Day Cream hydrates and stimulates the renewal of the skin leaving the skin softer and suppler.


Hydration: ★☆☆
This product is quite hydrating and leaves the skin moisturized. 

Formula: ★☆☆
The formula is a cream formula which is not thick and is oil-free.

Overall: ★☆☆
This product is very good for dry/delicate skin type and great for those looking for a great hydrating cream.
The Cellular Total Complex Eye Gel is rapidly absorbed and leaves the skin around our eyes hydrated and tightens the tissues to reduce the appearance of eye bags and dark eye circles. Apply this twice a day (morning/night) for better results is recommended! 


Formula: ★
I really like the formula of this eye gel as the gel is really light and easy to use.

I really recommend this product to those who have dark eye circles or are starting to develop eye bags un
der their eyes!

To be continued...(PART 2- night cream and vital mask)


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