Review: Urban Decay NAKED Palette

Hey everyone!
So today i'll be doing a review for you guys on the Urban Decay Naked Palette
I'm sure a lot of you are very familiar with this palette, but I thought I would a quick review on it, as i'm sure many people want to know about this palette before buying it.

I absolutely love this palette. The quality of the 12 shadows are amazing, and the shades they give you match so well together; making it super convenient for travelling, and perfect for those just starting out with making and wanting to expand their collection.
The palette comes with 12 shades, ranging from highlight shades, neutrals to darker, smokier colours. There is also a combination of matte, shimmery and satin shades; making it really easy to create a tonne of different looks with just the one palette.
The naked palette also comes with a eyeshadow brush (or the double ended eyeliner), as well as a mini primer potion (3.7 ml)
Unlike most other eyeshadows that I own, I haven't had much trouble with fallout. Maybe just a little bit with the more shimmery shades, such as half baked, but I can just brush it off when i'm done and it doesn't seem to create too much of a problem.
The only thing I had trouble with, was getting my hands on it! I live in Sydney, and they don't actually sell this palette in stores, and much of the time it was 'sold out' on online stores. I actually received this as part of my birthday present a few months ago, from a few friends!
The palette is also a little bit on the pricey side! The official website sells it for around $50, but I've seen them range up to $90 on some online stores. verdict on this palette.
I love this palette. It's pretty compact, and all the shades match well together, making it super convenient and great for travel! The mini primer potion and brush make it even easier. I would definitely recommend it! If you can get you're hands on one, I definitely think it's a great product to add to you're make up collection!

As this palette is extremely versatile, I will be doing a series of looks using this palette. So if you're interested, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay tuned! :)

Hope you are all having a great day.
- Cindy

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