Boxing Day Hual

Early Birds Gets The Size!

Here is a few items i picked up during and after the Boxing Day Sales. I wasn't after anything in particular so mainly i was picking up things which looked nice and were on bargain sales!!
Pictures below are what i purchased for myself. If i was to include pictures of what we got everyone well...that we would much longer!~ :P

2x print dresses,  Denim Jacket, Shorts, biker vest, long sleeve maxi dress, 2x shoes

At the Lancome counter in Myers there was a free spin-the-wheel to see what gifts or offers you would get. I got an advanced skin corrector whereas my mum got a free skin consultant session. (of course we didn't want to waste time on the consultant session so we went straight to the clothes & shoes level)

Fendi Bag ( Fendi was up to 60% off in CBD David Jones)
On Boxing Day itself my mum & I had shopped for about 9 hours straight with non-stop walking from one shop to another!! Feet were in pain!! But it was all worth it!!!!!! I think. 

Julique sets, Illamasqua 4-colour liquid metal pallete, Benefit's boxing day beauty box, Shiseido gift bag 
So how was your boxing day??
Did you go out shopping for those great sales?!!
Did you get any bargains on what you purchased?

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  1. ohhhhh I love all the things I'm seeing right now ♥
    But what is boxing day???? I never heard of it :X

  2. @Honey from - Boxing day is the day after Christmas day.
    Usually on Christmas day there are no shops opened as it is a public holiday~ So boxing day all the shops in the city (of my country) are all open and have massive sales!
    But apparently some countries do not have these boxing day sales.
    Hope that answers your questions!!!



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