Chic & Rockin' + Christmas/New Years Giveaway!

Get this chic rockin' hairstyle as it is super easy and super fast to do! It takes only about 5 minutes (or less) to achieve and it is very versatile as well as giving an illusion of longer hair. Not only is this hairstyle perfect for Summer but also spring too! All you need to do is just add a few curls to the hairstyle which will give off a more girly and romantic look! So why not give this hairstyle a try? 

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My question to you guys is "what other hair tutorials would you like to see and for what occasion?" Leave your answers by commenting below


Christmas is almost here and New Years is just around the corner! It's a great time to win a present don't you think?!

Well first thing first, fill out this survey so i can get a general idea what future giveaways i can do and I will make the giveaway video/blog post soon!!! So keep following this blog if you want to win!!!

-Survey ends 18TH DEC.2011-

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 Those who have already followed this blog for a while did you realize the snow falling on the right side of the blog??

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