Tired & Sore Eyes??! Optrex to the rescue!

*Review: Optrex Eye Lotion
Do your eyes feel tired, sore or irritated from staying up too late, playing computer games or wearing colour contacts often??

I know mine definitely does!! My eyes get extremely tired, sore and uncomfortable at times where i am constantly up till late hours or wearing coloured contacts often!! 
So what can we do to help our eyes?? 
Of course one solution is to stop wearing coloured contacts for a while and let our eyes rest earlier!!

But what if you are not able to sleep earlier or live without colour contacts???
Well my solution is 
Optrex Eye Lotion. It is saline water to bathe our tired, sore and uncomfortable eyes!
How to use:
Pour the solution into the cap which is comes with up to the measured line ( which is about 2/3 of the way).
Look how much i've already used it!! Need to buy another bottle soon!
1. Place the cap onto your eye and make sure the edges slightly sinking into your sockets so that the solution does not come out!(DON'T BE TO HARD!!)
2. Start tilting your head backwards and keep your eyes open!!
3. Now just move your eyes around and rock back and forth so the solution is able to clean and soothe your eyes better!! 
4. Repeat for the other eye!!(Use new solution for each eye!!)

Here is the what my saline water looks like after rinsing one of my eyes!! The bonus about this eye lotion is that it can remove traces of makeup too!!!
 my mascara residues
Now my eyes feel completely refreshed!! No more tired, sore or irritated eyes!!! 


Soothing & Refreshing Effect: ★★★★★
Optrex leaves my eyes feeling refreshed and more awakened!! I feel no irritation or tiredness after using them and my eye's look much more brighter!!

How to use: ★☆
It can be difficult to use at first with the solution coming out from the cap when you tilt your head backwards. But once you get the hang of it, it is as easy as ABC-123.

Super affordable!! I bought mine in Hong Kong but for those who do not live there, the 300ML bottles are available on Ebay for about AUD$20 (incl. shipping). I think it is totally worth that amount for the sake of your eyes well being. 

Overall: ★!!
I love it!! Whenever my eyes feel tired or sore i instantly think of this eye lotion to soothe my eyes!! Definitely recommend this product to all you who love to wear coloured contacts, have sensitive eyes or work up till late hours!!

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  1. WoW! That is so cool! I will deffs get some. I have never heard of it! haha


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