Review: Skin79 Super BB Triple Function

In a rush to school, work, party, etc.? Don't have enough time to put on sunscreen, primer, concealer and foundation on for that flawless skin? Fear not!!!
Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm Triple Function to the rescue!!  

Well you are all probably thinking just what makes this BB cream amazing. Well this BB cream has 3 main functions for flawless skin on a day where you do not have enough time on your hands.
These three functions include sun protection, reduces wrinkles and whitening! But it doesn't stop there!! It gives amazing coverage while keeping the skin moist!

So here is the product on my hand!


Coverage: ★★★★★
The coverage is amazing! Need i say more? haha!! It covers any spots on my skin that may have developed.

Who doesn't love wearing makeup with protection from the sun right? And plus your skin is very important as it is what covers your entire body so keeping it safe from the sun is very important!!

Whitening & Wrinkle-free Effect:  
I have been using this product for a while now but i'm not so sure if they have whitened my skin or reduce any wrinkles. So it was hard for me to rate this part of it. But! After applying it on my skin i can see my skin is slightly lighter in tone without a fake cakey appearance!!

Formula: ★★★★☆
The consistency of the product feels quite thick but the good thing is that you are able to spreed it across the skin easily with the tiniest amount. (p.s. the amount i squeezed onto my hand would have been enough to cover my entire hand!! But i was focusing on one area). A little goes a long way!!!I only need to pump a pea sized amount to cover my entire face!! It is not sticky and gives a dewy-matte finish, so your face is not completely shiny nor completely dull. It is just right!

When i first pumped this product onto my hand the very first time i thought that the tone was quite greyish and it didn't match my skin colour!! But i still put it to the test! And i will say that YES the colour was totally off but i just keep blending it into my skin and the greyish tone started to disappear? I think it is due the warm of my skin which allows the colour to appear more towards a suitable skin tone colour? So the colour is just right for me!! 

I definitely recommend this product, especially if you do not like having so much makeup on your face on day's your skin feels tired or stressed out. 

NEW* Skin79 has Upgraded their Super BB Triple Function
Have you tried it out yet?

There has been cases where people bought replica's of this BB cream so to find out if you have bought the real deal please check for their authenticity sticker! YES! They now come with one!!

I checked mine after i saw that they have an authenticity sticker! Mine does!! Remember to check yours too!!! 

Also thankyou for those who completed our survey!!! Giveaway video will be up very soon!!!! Look forward to it!!
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 Now sold at 2 places: Sydney CBD friday night markets & Chatswood thurs+friday night markets!
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  1. Great review. I have been wanting to try the BB cream and definitely will try it now.

  2. Hi there, that bb cream looks extremely white for me skin. following you guys from the Soompi thread, it would be great if you can follow me back too. Thanks

  3. The bb cream is not white at all!! I actually have quite tan skin, but because most photo's are taken under bright sunlight they appear to be whiter than usual~ The colour is a beige-like colour :)


  4. omg a hurricane potato!!! i wanna tryyy oneee but there are none around my area D: hmm the bb cream works for tanner skin tones huh? interesting.. i might have to check it out ^^

  5. Oh my days that chip looks so tasty, never seem one of those before! Thanks for the review, been meaning to try out some BB creams now...but not sure if my skin tone will match this one although I have heard so many good things about it... :/

    Yishi x


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