Winter in Summer? Keep your feets warm!

For those who don't live in Australia, the past few days have been super cold that even my legs turn blue! (maybe it because i'm wearing shorts to sleep?). Even covering my legs in layers of blankets is not good enough for me. So how can you keep your legs warm? Well there is the hot bottle option but i don't have one. 

Rainy cold day in Summer
So what do i do to keep my legs warm now and during the actual winter cold season?

So during the beginning of the year i was in Hong Kong and i came across these fluffy warm looking socks at the shopping centre. I just have these things for socks, whether they be thigh high, knee high, 3/4 high, etc. These are called 「エコルームソックス」meaning Eco-room socks. They are all knitted and come in super cute colours and patterns! Not sure if you can buy them in Australia but there may be similar ones out there!!
I'm actually missing a pair of peach coloured socks wihich has a bow and pon-pon at the ends of it.
Soft, fluffy and warm socks & shorts
One's i'm wearing right now!!

These warm my leg and feet up straight away and my mum is no longer scared of me entering the blankets when she knows i'm wearing these socks on!Remember to keep your feet warm too and not just your upper body as it is the feet which takes you to places.
Like my rabbit? These knitted eco-room socks are my personal must have for icey cold days like today
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