Boxing Day Hual

Early Birds Gets The Size!

Here is a few items i picked up during and after the Boxing Day Sales. I wasn't after anything in particular so mainly i was picking up things which looked nice and were on bargain sales!!
Pictures below are what i purchased for myself. If i was to include pictures of what we got everyone well...that we would much longer!~ :P

2x print dresses,  Denim Jacket, Shorts, biker vest, long sleeve maxi dress, 2x shoes

At the Lancome counter in Myers there was a free spin-the-wheel to see what gifts or offers you would get. I got an advanced skin corrector whereas my mum got a free skin consultant session. (of course we didn't want to waste time on the consultant session so we went straight to the clothes & shoes level)

Fendi Bag ( Fendi was up to 60% off in CBD David Jones)
On Boxing Day itself my mum & I had shopped for about 9 hours straight with non-stop walking from one shop to another!! Feet were in pain!! But it was all worth it!!!!!! I think. 

Julique sets, Illamasqua 4-colour liquid metal pallete, Benefit's boxing day beauty box, Shiseido gift bag 
So how was your boxing day??
Did you go out shopping for those great sales?!!
Did you get any bargains on what you purchased?

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Review: Bobbi Brown SPF15 Tinted Moisturizer

This was the very first foundation I had ever bought!!

So let's talk about the product! This "light" foundation offers 3 functions from this one product which includes hydrates the skin, protection from the sun and a natural looking coverage! This tinted moisturizer blends smoothly and contains emollients and jojoba oil which leaves leaves the skin soft and supple, perfect for dry and normal skin types.


Coverage: ★★★★★★
Great coverage!! I was quite amazed with the coverage as usually for tinted moisturizers i would not have expected much for coverage but this product had really good coverage!!

Hydration: ★★★★★

My skin does not feel suffocated at all!! Very breathable if i must say! Perfect for those who have dry skin type.

Protection: ★★★★★

I absolutely love makeup which contains the function to protect my skin from the sun!!

Formula: ★★★★★

Light and super easy to blend with a foundation brush, sponge or fingers!

Colour: ★★★★★

There are so many colours to choose from so there will be a colour perfect for your skin if not try blending two different shades together!! As for me this one is in the colour medium to dark tint but i may need to buy a medium tint as my skin was not as dark as it use to be! But i will not be throwing this out as i've only used it a couple of times. I'm just going to save it for when i want that summer glow.

Overall: ★★★★★

As my very first foundation I absolutely loved this tinted moisturizer!! Definitely recommend it to those just beginning to use makeup or just don't want to use anything heavy on their skin or if you are in a rush (on-the-go!)!!


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See you all next year!! Happy New Year everyone!!! 

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TroubleMaker Hyuna Inspired Makeup Tutorial

I absolutely loved Hyuna's makeup in the troublemaker MV!!
It was all about her sultry eyes and red lips!

So here i decided to recreate her look!! It may not be the best tutorial out there but i enjoyed filming it & i hope you guys like it too :)

Watch this video below to recreate this look!!

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should have curled my hair~~~oh wells! :P
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DIY Glitter Heels & GIVEAWAY!!

Ever wanted a pair of glitter heels but couldn't afford them due to their costy price??

Well now you don't have to starve yourself for a pair of glitter heels! Learn how to make your very own glitter shoes without having to pay that costy amount we see in shops!

Glitter heels are super trendy this summer even though the weather in Australia has been cool and rainy. But when it comes to parties and events such as Christmas who'd want to keep these shoes hidden!? This is our XMAS present to you guys!!
Watch this video to DIY your very own glitter heels & keep watching till the very end to enter the giveaway!!

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-The winner will be picked out using

-Must be over 16 years of age if not please get permission from a guardian or parent to enter this giveaway! 

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Merry Christmas everyone!!!
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-Sennnaa & Cinn

Tired & Sore Eyes??! Optrex to the rescue!

*Review: Optrex Eye Lotion
Do your eyes feel tired, sore or irritated from staying up too late, playing computer games or wearing colour contacts often??

I know mine definitely does!! My eyes get extremely tired, sore and uncomfortable at times where i am constantly up till late hours or wearing coloured contacts often!! 
So what can we do to help our eyes?? 
Of course one solution is to stop wearing coloured contacts for a while and let our eyes rest earlier!!

But what if you are not able to sleep earlier or live without colour contacts???
Well my solution is 
Optrex Eye Lotion. It is saline water to bathe our tired, sore and uncomfortable eyes!
How to use:
Pour the solution into the cap which is comes with up to the measured line ( which is about 2/3 of the way).
Look how much i've already used it!! Need to buy another bottle soon!
1. Place the cap onto your eye and make sure the edges slightly sinking into your sockets so that the solution does not come out!(DON'T BE TO HARD!!)
2. Start tilting your head backwards and keep your eyes open!!
3. Now just move your eyes around and rock back and forth so the solution is able to clean and soothe your eyes better!! 
4. Repeat for the other eye!!(Use new solution for each eye!!)

Here is the what my saline water looks like after rinsing one of my eyes!! The bonus about this eye lotion is that it can remove traces of makeup too!!!
 my mascara residues
Now my eyes feel completely refreshed!! No more tired, sore or irritated eyes!!! 


Soothing & Refreshing Effect: ★★★★★
Optrex leaves my eyes feeling refreshed and more awakened!! I feel no irritation or tiredness after using them and my eye's look much more brighter!!

How to use: ★☆
It can be difficult to use at first with the solution coming out from the cap when you tilt your head backwards. But once you get the hang of it, it is as easy as ABC-123.

Super affordable!! I bought mine in Hong Kong but for those who do not live there, the 300ML bottles are available on Ebay for about AUD$20 (incl. shipping). I think it is totally worth that amount for the sake of your eyes well being. 

Overall: ★!!
I love it!! Whenever my eyes feel tired or sore i instantly think of this eye lotion to soothe my eyes!! Definitely recommend this product to all you who love to wear coloured contacts, have sensitive eyes or work up till late hours!!

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Review: Bioré Gentle Make-up Removing Wipes

Super exhausted but still have to get all that make up off before going to bed!

Fear not as here we have Bioré Gentle make up removing wipes to easily remove all traces of makeup!! YAYY!! But will it really work??
Bur....will it work??
Let's put it to the test!!!
Wiping half my face--->
(*TIP: hold the wipes onto your face for about 10 seconds before wiping off the makeup)

Results are quite amazing i must say!! 

Here half my face with and without makeup (using the bioré wipes)


Removal of make up: 
Removes majority of my makeup but does leave some traces of mascara behind. Other than that it is great!!

The formula is great as the wipes are infused with the purifying power of green tea which leaves our skin free from oil and daily impurities as well as greasy residue!!

These wipes are really handy if you come home super tired and just want to go to sleep but must remove the makeup off! You can also bring them around to sleep overs!

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Glam Christmas Holiday Makeup Tutorial

What makeup will you be wearing this Christmas. 
Simple and elegant? Glamorous & Out there??
Still unsure? Well let me show u how to get both these looks by changing just one thing!!!

Here are 2 images of the looks you will be achieving!!

Watch this video & learn how to get this look!! :D

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

What look do you prefer to have on Xmas?
A soft angelic look or a bold glamorous look?

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Review: Skin79 Super BB Triple Function

In a rush to school, work, party, etc.? Don't have enough time to put on sunscreen, primer, concealer and foundation on for that flawless skin? Fear not!!!
Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm Triple Function to the rescue!!  

Well you are all probably thinking just what makes this BB cream amazing. Well this BB cream has 3 main functions for flawless skin on a day where you do not have enough time on your hands.
These three functions include sun protection, reduces wrinkles and whitening! But it doesn't stop there!! It gives amazing coverage while keeping the skin moist!

So here is the product on my hand!


Coverage: ★★★★★
The coverage is amazing! Need i say more? haha!! It covers any spots on my skin that may have developed.

Who doesn't love wearing makeup with protection from the sun right? And plus your skin is very important as it is what covers your entire body so keeping it safe from the sun is very important!!

Whitening & Wrinkle-free Effect:  
I have been using this product for a while now but i'm not so sure if they have whitened my skin or reduce any wrinkles. So it was hard for me to rate this part of it. But! After applying it on my skin i can see my skin is slightly lighter in tone without a fake cakey appearance!!

Formula: ★★★★☆
The consistency of the product feels quite thick but the good thing is that you are able to spreed it across the skin easily with the tiniest amount. (p.s. the amount i squeezed onto my hand would have been enough to cover my entire hand!! But i was focusing on one area). A little goes a long way!!!I only need to pump a pea sized amount to cover my entire face!! It is not sticky and gives a dewy-matte finish, so your face is not completely shiny nor completely dull. It is just right!

When i first pumped this product onto my hand the very first time i thought that the tone was quite greyish and it didn't match my skin colour!! But i still put it to the test! And i will say that YES the colour was totally off but i just keep blending it into my skin and the greyish tone started to disappear? I think it is due the warm of my skin which allows the colour to appear more towards a suitable skin tone colour? So the colour is just right for me!! 

I definitely recommend this product, especially if you do not like having so much makeup on your face on day's your skin feels tired or stressed out. 

NEW* Skin79 has Upgraded their Super BB Triple Function
Have you tried it out yet?

There has been cases where people bought replica's of this BB cream so to find out if you have bought the real deal please check for their authenticity sticker! YES! They now come with one!!

I checked mine after i saw that they have an authenticity sticker! Mine does!! Remember to check yours too!!! 

Also thankyou for those who completed our survey!!! Giveaway video will be up very soon!!!! Look forward to it!!
Have you had your chip on a stick?
I have & it's cheeselious!!
What's your flavor?
 Now sold at 2 places: Sydney CBD friday night markets & Chatswood thurs+friday night markets!
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Get Soft, Kissable & Nice tasting lips

Do you want soft, kissable and nice tasting lips to attract someone else's??
Now you can!!! With EOS lip balm collection!!
"eos Lip Balm is 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, it keeps your lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth. "
EOS lip balm's come in 3 flavors (that i know of) which include:
Honeysuckle Honeydew, Summer Fruit and Lemon Drop! 

Here i have lemon drop & summer fruit

Really like the design of this lip balm as it protrudes outwards so it's easy to apply on the lips without having to twist the bottom or using your fingers to apply.

Soothing effect: ★☆☆☆☆
To me this lip balm does not have the best soothing effect, as i don't really feel relieved from the itchy or sore/cracked lips that i may already have.

Moist, Soft & Smoothing effect:★★★★★
Definitely can feel my lips being moist!!Softness and smoothness is all thanks to the jojoba oil which is in the formula!!

Overall: ★★★☆☆
Okay i will say that this is not my absolute number one favorite lip balm but it is a great to use before applying lip stick on so your lips look more softer and moist!! Better to kiss too!! You can purchase these lip balms at at only AUD$5!!Bargin or not?

Okay, So lets say.....
you are still not convinced ....
that this lip balm is good then............

How can you say "NO" to it when Ed Westwick is using it himself?
ain't he gorgeous!?
Valleygirl shoulder studded dress, Country Road cardigan, Sportsgirl block rib OTK socks, Chapel deer skull necklace

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First time seeing an ice cream truck in the city!!



Want to get Yuuki Cross's innocent yet mysterious look from Vampire Knight「ヴァンパイア騎士」?
Yuuki Cross「黒主優姫」is a cheerful, kind, caring, and comedic character but she is also naive and careless.
She is portrayed as not being very smart due to the fact that she is a Guardian at night and student in the daytime, giving her little time to study and sleep.
Yuuki Cross 。dolly eyes 。soft pink lips 。delicate skin 。pink cheeks 
Today it was another cloudy summer day with a few breezes which is why i decided to do this look. Because Yuuki Cross is a student she does not need dramatic eye makeup so this tutorial will be easy to follow (hopefully) :P
Simply just watch my makeup tutorial to achieve this look!!
Tell me what you think & comment below! :)
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My Hairstyle: Before & After

As requested here is a blog post all about my hair!! Last had my hair cut and dyed in FEB:2011 and left it is grow for 10 months with no further trims/cuts in between.

I usually wash my hair the night before so when i go to the hairdresser's i just get my hair cut, washed, blow dried then styled.
•Fringe length≈30cm, Hair length≈70cm
•Used Palty hair dye in Bitter Cappuccino 
not sure what the box looks like anymore as they re-designed their boxes.
•Fringe length≈15cm, Hair length≈60cm
•Split ends all chopped off
•Feels smoother & look much healthier 

I wasn't going for any dramatic change to my hairstyle so it may look very similar to my before picture. 

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I will be dyeing the roots and getting hair treatment around early Jan before i head off to Hong Kong!! I will place another blog post/vlog entry when i get that done.  
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any questions/suggestions please comment below or email me :)