Review: LUSH Comforter Bubble Bar

Want to relieve all your stress out and relax??
Well why not try out lush's comforter bubble bar!!!

All you need to do is crack the bar into half and fill your bathtub up halfway before placing half the bubble bar into the tub!! The bar instantly starts to dissolves and bubbles start to form!! The water is dyed a pink-purple colour with a layer of soft fluffy bubbles on the top!!


Aroma: ★★★★★
The smell is sweet and soothing which makes it really relaxful in the bathtub. Also the smell will linger in the bathroom for the night.

Use: ★★★★★
This bubble bar is super easy to use!!! You can crack it into individual chunks whenever you want to use it. Also you don't have to use half the bar for one time but crack them into smaller pieces if desired.
Price: ★★★★☆
The price of this product is AUD$10.50 which makes it reasonably priced as you are able to use this bar up to 5-6 times!!

Overall: ★★★★★
For me i don't usually take baths when i'm home (in sydney) as my bathtub is way too big and i feel like it is a waste of water. So while i'm in Hong Kong i take this chance to soak into the bathtub more often since it is much smaller so i don't feel as bad! I would definately recommend this product for those who enjoy their bubble baths!!!

Have you tried the comforter bubble bar yet??
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Angelababy's Cafe

The Hong Kong model Angelababy had opened her very own cafe which is a unique fusion of french and japanese. The interior is very chic and western. This cafe is located in Langham Place for those who are interested in trying out this place.

The lunch set menu is about HK$88 which includes the choice of either chicken ceaser salad or french oxtail soup, as entree and a whole list of main dishes. Just add HK$18 for drinks on their menu. So here i ordered 2 lunch sets with my friend.

Chicken ceaser salad
Ratings: ★★★☆☆
The ceaser salad is quite average, but good as a starter.

French oxtail soup
Ratings: ★★☆☆☆
The soup was a bit salty at first until i realized there was continentals at the bottom of the soup so it tasted better.

Sesame bread with parsley butter
Ratings: ★★★★★
The bread is warm and fluffy!! Taste really good with the butter and i must say this was my favorite food from the entire baby cafe experience! 

Strawberry mint mojito & Strawwberry and grape mojito
Ratings: ★★☆☆☆
So i got the strawberry mint drink and the taste was just slight weird at first but the strawberry taste kicked in and it tasted alright. As for the strawberry and grape drink it just tasted like cordial.   

Baby taster
Ratings: ★★★☆☆
Okay so starting off with the truffle scambled eggs were quite nice but the egg looked a bit oily. The salmon was really nice!! It had wasabi so the salmon had a more refreshing taste. Th spaghetti was average so there is not much to say about it.  

French spring chicken in red wine sauce
Ratings: ★★☆☆☆
The chicken was very plain i must say. I couldn't really taste the red wine sauce but other than that the chicken was quite smooth. The potato mash was nice~ 

Homemade pomelo sherbet with orange cake
Ratings: ★★★☆☆
The jelly tasted very weird, somewhat like medicine. The pomelo sherbet was refreshing whereas the orange cake was alright. It doesn't have a strong aroma of orange but it tasted nice together with the sherbet. 

Chocolate brownie with vanilla icecream
Ratings: ★★★★★
The chocolate brownie was super nice!!! It had chocolate sauce spilling out in the middle and it tasted delicious with the icecream!!!

Overall Ratings: ★★★☆☆
The whole experience was quite nice. The atmosphere of the entire place was modern, chic and had a different sense of style. At the back of the wall had photo frames which changes to different images of Angelababy herself.

Have you been to Baby Cafe yet??

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Happy Chinese New Years

Happy Chinese New Years everyone!!
Hope the Dragon year brings you great health!!!

& the latest news i heard from my friend that forever21 had opened last week so i went and checked it out today and came home with a heavy bag-full of clothes!!! Updates on that soon!!!!!
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Life in Hong Kong pt.1

So these days i have been missing home-made food so my mum and i went grocery shopping at our nearby supermarkets. The video here shows the first time we grocery shopped in Hong Kong. :P

Before Chinese New Years i went to the Lunar New Year Fair with my family. We had so much fun and must i say this was my only 2nd time in my life going to the fair. Most of the time we were just eating~~

the biscuit/candy sandwich!

Beautiful flowers at the fair

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Come eat with me in Hong Kong

I'm one week into my vacation at Hong Kong!!
&& of course how can i not tell you guys about the food i encounter here!!

a few pictures of food!!!!
 Every time i travel back to Hong Kong there are a few places which are a must eat! Here i vlogged about foods which i love to eat in Hong Kong everytime i'm there!!

Of course i was not able to film me eating everything i had eaten on my trip so far as there were so many delicious food!!!!

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Review: Supermoist Stress Relieving eye mask

Are you stressing out from work, school or uni ??
Does your eyes reveal the stress you are having which makes you look tired??

Well here i'm using supermoist's Sweet Dream stress relieving eye mask!

Supermosit is a small brand which made its' way into Hong Kkong's Mannings. There are a total of five facial mask and one eye mask, all at really cheap prices!!!

This is what the eye mask looks like inside!!

The eye mask is really soothing on my eye area~


Effect: ★★★☆☆
It does do the work of relieving the stress around my eyes.

My eye's feel fresh after leaving this mask on before i go to bed. Mask Material: ★★★★☆
The eye mask is gel-like. I do really like the gel-like texture but the bad thing about it is that it can easily slip away from your face. Other than that i love the texture of the mask. 

Formula/Aroma: ★★★★☆
The forumla contains vitamins B & C and extracts from algae abd gingseng which plays a huge part into relieving stress around our eye area. 

Cost: ★★★★★
The cost is unbelievbly cheap!!!

Overall: ★★★★☆
This eye mask is not so bad and i would actually recommend it to those who are currently on a tight budget.
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What's in my travel bag?? & SAYA's giveaway

Hey there everyone!!! Sennnaa (aka Rinnnaa) is here!!
So i am currently in Hong Kong for vacation!!

& i decided to film a what's in my travel bag video!
So hope you guys enjoy it!!

I also went and got my nails done too!!
Loving them! I planning to do them again before i return home. Might go with something more extreme~ 

So during my stay in Hong Kong i will try to vlog as much a possible with food, fashion and of course cosmetics & makeup involved!!!!

Outfits for the past 2 days!!
(Left) Ziggy denim jacket, Tiger shirt, LEE red checkered shorts, Chapel 2 tone legging.
(Right) All about eve black cardi, SAXONY jumpsuit, UGG boots 

Also check out saya's giveaway here

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Love Package from SASA (part 1)

So you all know that i had previously entered the Confession of a SASA-Haulic competition which had ended a couple months ago. Even though i didn't win i was chosen as one of the outstanding entry.

I was then approached via. email by SASA, informing that they would like to sponsor me to review their products!! Of course i agreed and so they sent me a love package swiftly~ I was to expect the package to come within 2-3 weeks after posting as informed but i was super surprised when it arrived to me in just 10 days! SASA you guys are truely amazing!!!!

So i quickly unraveled the package and inside was a letter for me!! The people at sasa are just angels!!

& of course how can i forget the goodies!!! I had received FOUR different skincare products from them!!

Of course straight away i went and tried out each product so i could review them quickly!! I will be be doing my ratings for each products soon so keep an eye out for that, but first, watch my video about each products' use, below!!

Thanks for watching my video & i will be doing another detailed  post for the products with ratings soon.

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Review: H20+ Urban Defense Facial Cleansing Milk

Everyday our skin is exposed to impurities and irritants!!
How do we fight them off??

Easy! With H20+ Urban Defense Facial Cleansing Milk we are able to "neutralize and remove impurities while reinforcing the skin's natural defense barrier."

The main ingredients include green tea complex, anti-pollution system and oxysomes. These ingredients benefit our skin as they shield our skin from the aging environment, soothes any irritation, reduces redness and blotchiness while repairing UV-damaged cells which makes it great to use on sensitive or delicate skin!

Formula: ★★★★★
The formula is a thick liquid consistency which can easily be spread onto the skin.

Aroma: ★★★★★
The milky floral scent of the product makes me feel relaxed.

Effect: ★★★

Love this product!!! My face feels baby smooth after using this!!


This product is perfect for those who have sensitive or delicate skin as it is super gentle on the skin, but of course any skin type are able to use this product!! My elder brother who was actually the first one to try this product out had amazing skin when he came back from his trip. Not only that but i had also noticed his skin had gotten much more whiter than before!! And for those reasons i tried this product out for myself & i'm loving it! I bought mine during my trip in Hong Kong but you should be able to purchase them online.

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Winner of DIY Glitter Heel Giveaway

So the winner of the DIY Glitter Heel giveaway was just announced!! 

If you haven't watched the announcement then watch the video down below!! 

Thank you to all those who had entered!!

(street art) Just releasing some bad gas :P
Feel free to ask question or request for a particular blog post or video!!!

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Review:「我的美麗日記」My Beauty Diary Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask

Does your skin appear to be tired, dry and dull???
Why not try out 我的美麗日記「My Beauty Diary」Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask!!

This masks delivers the benefits such as whitening,brightening, soothing and refreshes fatigue and darkening skin!
The ingredients used in this mask includes a mixture of Japanese Somei-Yoshino Cherry extract, Lemon & Kiwi extracts and Arnica & Aloe extracts. 

So let's put this baby on..!

Loving this mask as it always leaves my skin feel fresh, smooth and super soft!! Don't believe me?? Well this mask is ranked 2nd on the My Beauty Diary Website!See for yourself "here"


Effects: ★★★★★
After peeling the mask off my face i noticed that the fatigue appearance disappears making my skin soft, smooth and fresh!

Mask material: ★★★★★
The mask is paper thin which is great!!!

Formula/Aroma: ★★★★★
The formula is a gel-like liquid which is easily absorbed!! There is a generous amount in the packet so you can use the rest on your neck. The smell of the mask is just beautiful~~

Cost: ★★★★★
Super affordable! I have seen a box of 10 sheets for $15 around Sydney's CBD!! But for those living elsewhere you can purchase them online such ebay and or you may even have a sasa shop near you! 

Overall: ★★★★★
Definitely recommend this mask to any of you who have dry, tired skin and just need something to freshen them up a bit! Of course this mask is suitable for any skin type!! 

Thank you to all those who had enter our giveaway!!
&& Results will be out SOON!!!

Never stop smiling everyone!!

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Cool your Summer with Van Diermen Cream Puffs

Summer weather has finally hit us here!!
The heat waves today made me feel as if i was melting away~

So to cool myself down this summer i eat these small bite-sized cream puffs!!

Keep them in the freezer and when you want to eat them just let them thaw for a minute or two. They are perfect to eat on a hot summer day like today!


The puff layer is of course not the best as it was frozen so i was not expecting much from it.


Cream is surprisingly nice~~ 

Price is super affordable and cheap!! It is about $13.99 for 1.32kg worth of cream puffs! How can you say no to that price!

These are great to eat on a hot summer's day as they are super affordable!!! You are able to purchase a whole tub of these cream puffs at Costco.
So for those living around Lidcombe area your in luck! As for the rest of us travelling there once in a while is not so bad, so if you ever go there for grocery shopping be sure to try these cream puffs out!!
What other cream puffs have you eaten??

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