Review: LUSH Comforter Bubble Bar

Want to relieve all your stress out and relax??
Well why not try out lush's comforter bubble bar!!!

All you need to do is crack the bar into half and fill your bathtub up halfway before placing half the bubble bar into the tub!! The bar instantly starts to dissolves and bubbles start to form!! The water is dyed a pink-purple colour with a layer of soft fluffy bubbles on the top!!


Aroma: ★★★★★
The smell is sweet and soothing which makes it really relaxful in the bathtub. Also the smell will linger in the bathroom for the night.

Use: ★★★★★
This bubble bar is super easy to use!!! You can crack it into individual chunks whenever you want to use it. Also you don't have to use half the bar for one time but crack them into smaller pieces if desired.
Price: ★★★★☆
The price of this product is AUD$10.50 which makes it reasonably priced as you are able to use this bar up to 5-6 times!!

Overall: ★★★★★
For me i don't usually take baths when i'm home (in sydney) as my bathtub is way too big and i feel like it is a waste of water. So while i'm in Hong Kong i take this chance to soak into the bathtub more often since it is much smaller so i don't feel as bad! I would definately recommend this product for those who enjoy their bubble baths!!!

Have you tried the comforter bubble bar yet??
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  1. lol it look kind of like a cake *hehe* but I love baths, but I'm also feel like it's a waste of water ^.^

  2. Awww you guys are so cute! Love this lil tutorial~ LUSH stuff always looks so yummy and smells so gorgeous!

    Found your blog via the Soompi "follow me" thread! ^^

    Yishi x


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