Forever21 Hual in Hong Kong

Forever21 is an American retail clothing shop which has branched out to various places around the world. Forever21 has reached Hong Kong and had opened their doors on the 19th January, so i made my way down to Causeway Bay to check it out!!

The Hong Kong store has SIX levels but only three levels are currently opened. First shopping hual at forever21 i boguht quite a few crop tee's!! Unfortunately i was not able to take photos of what the shop looked like inside as we are not allowed to take photos? is what the sales assistant had told me.

I then went again yesterday with my dear friend and i bought a few accessories as long as a few clothing pieces!! Here are all the items i had bought so far from both shopping days!! 
All the items i had bought from both shopping at forever21
The difference between the first and second experience at forever21 is that all the clothings from my first day shopping were all gone and everything that was on the racks were new pieces!!!
moss green maxi skirt, sheer print maxi skirt, hunter green high waist skirt 
 So you must be quick to grab what you want if not the next time the item might not be there anymore!!
tomato sheer top, blue sequin dress, seashell pink dress
Sizes which fit you can be a hassle too!!! Because all the smaller sizes for dresses, skirts and pants sell out really fast, so it's hard to buy something there if you don't buy early. 
galaxy heart crop tee, happy crop tee, galaxy cross crop tee, tribal crop tee
What is good about buying stuff at forever21, like h&m, you can refund/exchange the item within 30 days of purchase, with its' tags still on and as long as you keep the reciept!
grey/white plain tank, metallic black/silver tank, sheer lace tank, american tank
For hygenic reasons accessories such as jeweleries, belts, head pieces, etc. cannot be refunded or exchanged.
all the accessories

Trying on my first forever21 shopping hual
*refunded the maxi dress, brown cardi and coral high waist pants. 

Valentines day is just around the corner!

come make a wish with me.
Okay so i can't  read chinese fluently so i just picked up love.

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  1. Wow~ Forever21 is 6 floors in HongKong?! I need to visit some time! o:
    Everything you got looks lovely~ >u< I especially love the seashell pink dress!

    1. Yeah there are 6 floors but they haven't opened up the other 3 yet.
      I was really lucky as the seashell pink dress was the last one I saw on the racks and it came in my size so I just grabbed it quickly!!!

  2. Ohmydays! We don't have Forever21 in the UK but I keep hearing about it from American bloggers. Might have to see if they have an online store now after looking at the photos you've taken!

    Happy V day to you! ^^

    Yishi x

  3. Great haul! I'm just wondering whether the prices are expensive in the F21 in HK? Heading to HK in a few weeks & F21 is definitely one of the shops I'll be checking out! ^^

    1. You should definitely check out their F21 shop, though they only have one in HK at the moment so it's sometimes hard to buy smaller sizes. The prices are reasonably cheap in my opinion. I got the green moss maxi skirt for about less than AUD$11!!!!


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