H&M Hual in Hong Kong

H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB, more commonly known as H&M, is known for its fast-fashion clothing. It has over 2300 stores in 43 countries and is ranked the second largest global clothing retailer!!

I usually shop heaps when i go back to Hong Kong as there are many H&M shops around! Whereas Sydney we don't even have a single one due to various reasons such as that we live in the southern hemisphere so the seasons for the clothes will be different.

Wine red suede jacket, denim jacket, denim vest, grey knee high socks, suspenders

Everything i bought was from only 2 shopping sessions. I couldn't shop until February because the clothes during January was just...i don't know?

Bright pink front zipper dress, Chiffon sleeveless dress, Classic lacey dress, Sheer purple rose dress, Classic black dress 

So glad that all the spring colours started to kick in so i was able to purchase a huge bagful of clothes from my first hual!!

Sheer black maxi skirt, Bright pink high waist skirt, faux leather shorts, black front zipper skirt, light pink short w/tan belth, black shorts, denim overalls 

I love shopping at H&M!!! They have great clothes at cheap prices!!! Not only that but their refund/exchange policy is good too!!! 

Left: black/coral sleeveless tops, White chiffon shirt, Scenery crop tee
Right: white nirvana tank, black corset, grey singlet, grey cardi, pink star wars tee 


So everyone should know by now that i'm back home from my vacation in Hong Kong!!! I will be of course be doing a few more post about my trip in Hong Kong and upload new tutorials soon!!!
& this is how i leave HK. With our own bags, 3 small luggage hand carry & 4 air luggage. 
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