Indulging myself with food at Tin Hau pt.1

Around Tin Hau(天后) there is a small yumcha shop located on Wing Hin street which goes by the name of "Kungfu Dim Sim".

The place is small but cosy! The food reasonably priced i will say.
Everything that came out was freshly made, served hot and presented quite well!!

Left: crispy turnip cake with sesame (HK$20)
Right: cheese spring roll (HK$19)

Top Left: malay sponge cake (HK$15), Bottom Left: chiu chau style dumpling (HK$15)
Top Right: chicken feet with satay sauce (HK$16), Bottom Right: spare ribs (HK$17) 

Food: ★★★★
Every dish of food that came out was hot and steamy with great presentation!! Each dish were really delicious, especially the cheese spring rolls as i thought it would leave that tired sick taste of cheese after one bite but every single bite was amazing!!! The malay sponge cake was also really soft and fluffy!!!

Price: ★★★★
Everything was reasonably priced as yumcha nowadays can be very expensive!!!

Location: ★★★
The location of this place is not that great unless you really know your way around to find good food!! So luckily for me, my mum had a friend who lived around the area to take us there.  

Overall: ★★★★★
The overall experience was really nice as all the staff were friendly, patience and mannered! Definitely recommend this place to people who are going to hong kong or are living in hong kong and never heard of this place!!
But my stomach doesn't end here at yum cha!!! Follow me as I went for round two with deserts nearby!! Part 2 of induling at tin hau will be up soon!!
*Soon to come blog post: H&M hual, SASA hual, Fashion hual, Food reviews etc.

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