Indulging myself with food at Tin Hau pt.2

So after yumcha at Kungfu Dim Sim, i went into Thomas Trillion patisseries which was just a few shops apart!! I learnt about this place off the tv where i was just drooling in front of the screen looking at all their creative pieces!!
Thomas Trillion is a patisserie with passion! They had just opened for about a year or so according to the lady who served us. Of course i couldn't resist and bought six different assorted deserts to try out!

Thomas Trillion Ratings:

The shop is not that big so it can be hard to find unless you rally know your way around Tin Hau. Even though the shop is not that big, i could see that the preparation room was quite spacious and very clean! 

The cost of Thomas Trillion's cakes are quite pricey. For me i bought six cakes and it was just under HK$400 so that is about AUD$9 per cake. 

The cakes all have a unique design and they also have their very own specific name. 
i feel i'm living a dream~ *DROOOLS*

Here is what all the cakes look like inside.


1.Thomas Ganache Cake Rating:
"Rich cocoa sponge cake base drenched with Grand Marnier and layers of chocolate ganache"
Flavor: ★★★★
This is a dark chocolate cake which is filled with that bitter sweet taste of dark chocolate!! It would go really well with a cup of coffee!! I myself enjoyed eating this cake as i love dark chocolate!!

Design: ★★★★
The design is simple and clean! Very classic for a dark chocolate cake.

Overall: ★★★★
Definitely recommend this cake to those who love chocolate or need something to go with their coffee besides cheesecake.

2.Chestnut chocolate mouse cake Rating:
(forget the actual name)
Flavor: ★★★★
The flavors were simply amazing!!! It wasn't too sweet nor was it dull!! 

Design: ★★★★
The chocolate barrier itself had just amazing details which complimented the cake very well!! 

Overall: ★★★★
Really loved this cake!!!

3.Apple Mint Rating:"Classic vanilla sponge cake base with layers of green apple and fresh mint mousse"
Flavor: ★★★★
This refreshing cake was the first one i tried as the name and appearance caught my attention right after yum cha! I loved how  the mint mousse went really well with the soft green apples which were located in the center of the cake! 

Design: ★★★★
A very cute and refreshing design!!

Overall: ★★★★
Highly recommended!! It's great after a big heavy in taste meal as you will feel refreshed!! 

4.Royal Rating:
"Chocolate biscuit base with layers of yellow fruit compote, cocoa gelee and creamy caramel"
Flavor: ★★★★
This is my favorite cake from the entire selection i had chosen! I was told that it was a caramel mango cake so i was expecting it to taste extremely sweet and that after two bites i would get sick of it!! Surprisingly it's not super sweet and the flavors were just beautiful and it tasted heavenly!! Amazing cake! Must try!!

Design: ★★★★
The entire design of this cake itself look like royalty!! Perfect name for it!!

Overall: ★★★★
Highly recommended!! Your taste buds will be dancing!!!

5.Snow White Rating:
"Yeast sablee base with pistachio biscuit, fruit compote and creamy vanilla"
Flavor: ★★★
The outer layer was a very sweet white chocolate coating, which to me was not my liking. But the center of the cake had amazing details of layering and of course the taste was fantastic!!

Design: ★★★★
The stars on the cake made the design super adorable!!

Overall: ★★★★
This cake is just a bit too sweet for me but other than that everything was really good!!

6.Rosenana (the pink ball)
Never got to taste it as i gave it to my relatives to try instead.
Update 22/02/2012: I'm finally back home from my vacation in Hong Kong!! Many hual post to come up!!!
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  1. The cakes look so delicious~ >u< I would probably buy them anyway, regardless of the price. xD
    Sounds like you had a great time~

    1. They were just amazing!! I wouldn't mind spending my money on these babies!! They were definitely worth the price!! :)


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