Let's go somewhere Cafe ish

Today was a gloomy rainy day...so where did i go on this day??

I decided to head to the city where i had a catch up session with one of my girl friend! We decided to try out a Japanese-Australian fusion cafe that we've been hearing about and all. 

Cafe ish is an Japanese-Australian fusion cafe which offers breakfast, lunch and dinner!! Their menu price range is reasonable i must say! And their food is really unique!! On the menu you can see like crocodile meat, soft shell crab, etc.

On Tuesday's they have the "Tight Arse Tuesday" menu where many of their must try dishes are at only $10!!! 

Their interior is quite relaxing too!! I feel warm inside even when it started to pour outside. 

Cafe ish Rating:

The location is really easy to find as it is quite close to central!!!All you need to do is walk along Elizabeth Street until you come across Campbell street. It is about a 5-10 minute walk from Central Station.

The prices are quite reasonable for the amount of food you pay for. It ranges from AUD$4-$24.

So here is what we ordered. We didn't order much as we both had lunch before hand so we on afternoon tea ? We tried the raving soft shell crab omelette & the fries with wasabi-mayo. My friend got the Macadamian latte where as i got the Double Dragon (since it is the dragon year according to the lunar calender)

Fries with Wasabi-mayo Rating:

I prefer eating thicker fries when i go to cafes and restaurant's. Next thing is that there wasn't enough wasabi in the mayonnaise sauce mixture like i was expecting. 

Well it's alright the price (AUD$4) and this was for small! And we didn't even finish it.

Would not recommend this as there is nothing really special about it.

Soft Shell Crab Omelette Rating:

I was having really high expectations of this dish but it did not exceed my thoughts. The omelette is really unique but is quite average i guess! The sauce is what made it have that slight unique taste to it. Though the texture of the omelette was quite nice!

This dish was AUD$24 but it was quite filling as we shared half. (But maybe cause we had lunch beforehand).

I would recommend this dish to everyone who likes their seafood!!!

Double Dragon Rating: 

There are two different plums combined to create this drink. I found this drink quite nice as i had a sore/dry throat and the slight sourness of plums helped with that.

The cost is alright for this drink! It costed AUD$6.50

Really liked this drink!!! It has a really unique flavor to it.

Even when it rains i love to hang out with friends for a chat
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  1. The food looks greatt!! Thanks for sharing. New follower of yours, looking forward to reading more of your posts :)

  2. Hi! Saw you from soompi's beauty bloggers thread :3
    I followed you ^^ And I think that you are so pretty and cute! (LOL sorry)
    The foods in this post look so good! Especially the latte and top right one! The omelet? Or dragon? o.o haha

    tht-christina.blogspot.com ^^

    1. The top right one is the soft shell crab omelet :D


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