Review: GEO Tri-tone Brown

I love wearing these contacts as they give a very natural and comfortable too!!

top:natural sunlight
bottom: with flash

These contacts are quite comfortable as they are 14mm in diameter.

I absolutely love the colour!!! I get a lot of compliments from wearing them!!

These are only 14mm in diameter so i wasn't expecting much for enlargment but surprisingly they make my eyes look bigger even with their small diameters.

I definitelty recommend these to who like natural-tone contacts!!!
let the summer light shine

So here is a quick update about this blog and youtube channel. So as you can see that Cindy will no longer continue this blog or youtube channel as she finds she won't have any time to fit in filming or blogging. As a result i will be taking over the blog and youtube channel now! I hope everyone will continue to support me as always!! :)
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  1. Looks great~ :'D
    I love the sparkly effect the lenses give off. c:


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