Review: SOYJOY® fruit bars Cacao Orange

Have any of you tried out the soyjoy fruit bars before??
It is a healthy , nutritious snack which comes in handy when you get the muncHhies!! 

Raisin Almond, Cacao Orange, Banana, Hawthorn Berry, Strawberry

Here are a few flavors which i got at Hong Kong airport. They only had these five flavors so i just got one of each. Soyjoy bars are low in GI and has benefits which make our skin healthy. But do keep in mind that it is not a diet bar nor a meal-replacement bar. It contains protein, fibre and iron and may have traces of nuts/seeds. It is great for both adults and children's to consume!!

So today i tried out the Cacao Orange flavored fruit bar during my lecture in uni, as my stomach was growling for food. It has orange peel, dried pineapple and raisins in it!!!

Cacao Orange Ratings:

The first bite taste bitter, but it all got better when i was chewing onto the fruit bits as that sweetened it up a bit to balance out the taste.

They are relatively cheap in Hong Kong, though i don't remember the exact price. I guess the only bad point it that they only sell soyjoy bars in a few countries so i'm not sure if Sydney will have any~

I wouldn't mind having these in my lunch box to snack on in class, especially in the mornings!!!
I will be posting up more reviews on the other flavors soon!!
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