Bring colours to your eyes!

We all want our eye make up to stand out from the crowd when we go out partying and we know that pictures are a must at these events!! So how can we make our eye makeup seem more vibrant??
The Canmake Eyeshadow Base is the way to go!! It blends easily and brings out the vibrant colours of your eyeshadow!!
It's creamy texture has the right degree of softness which prevents creasing. It feels moist but as you blend it out it turns into a soft dry texture.

When i first applied an eye shadow without the base i could see that it was light. When i applied the eye shadow over canmake's eye shadow base i could not tell the difference between the two at all, and here i was thinking i wasted money for something i didn't really need after all!
But to my surprise!!! I the contrasts of their colours had a huge difference under the camera!! 

Canmake Eye Shadow Base Ratings:

Now, when i have more eye makeup for events i can rest assure that it will not crease and make me stand out in photos!!

The formula of this product is super soft and silky!! Super easy to blend onto the skin just using your fingers!!

I absolutely love this item!! Keeps my makeup from smudging and allows my eye shadows to reveal their true colours!! 

So the past few days i have been super busy trying to get all my assessments done before the Easter holidays so i can have more time to blog and maybe start filming again!! Also i still need all your help with this modelling competition!!
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3. Click "recommend" AND tell all your friends to do the same thing too!!
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So i shall start preparing my next few blog entries, especially the long awaited colour contacts blog entry!!! Hopefully it will be up before the Easter break!! And so my question to you is what are you guys doing over the easter break!??

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  1. Wow I see a lot about this product, I saw it online a couple of times and contemplated it.. Will definitely keep it on my to buy list ^^ thanks! Haha

  2. I've seen my favorite youtube guru sasaki previously manwomanfilm always use it and have been dying to get my hands on it! Where di dyou get yours?

    1. i got mine during my trip in Hong Kong. But i'm sure you can find them on ebay for about AUD$11-$13 :)


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