Feelin' peckish??!

Do you get the munchies after school,uni or work?? Well I always get peckish after a tiring day at uni! Yet..it's not really time to eat a huge meal since it has already past lunch time and a few more hours till dinner time!? So i usually go through our cupboards to see what small snacks we have lying around. In this case i went through all the snacks we had bought in Hong Kong!!
 Here is what i decided to go with!!! Calbee's Jagabee chips!! 
I absolutely love eating them when i get peckish!! Their slogan is "You can enjoy a real potato taste with “Innovative Crispy texture”and boy do they have a really crispy texture indeed!!
Want to take a bite?
 I bought about four of them and i'm already on the last one!! Have to savor them while it last!!!
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Jagabee Ratings:

They really do taste like potato's themselves!!! Yet with that extra crispiness they seem like chips! The perfect combination for potato chips!! And i love how they look like hot chips in the packaging it's in!!

If i remember correctly these were relatively cheap!!! I bought a few when i was in Hong Kong airport since i'm not a huge fan of airplane meals. 

Definitely recommend to all those who love their potato chips!!!!

Forgive me for all my food post! I shall be posting up some new beauty related post soon, hopefully!!!

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