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Have you ever wondered how to get those cute doll-like flushing cheeks?? Well Majolica Majorca's Puff de Cheeks can help you achieve with that!

 So during my trip in Hong Kong i was only able to pick up two of their shades as i was unable to find their other two. So i got PK301- Peach Macaron & OR302-Apricot Macaron.  
Their packaging is simply adorable and hard to resist!! It also comes with a soft sponge to apply onto your cheeks.

Puff de Cheeks Ratings:

Colours: ★★★★★
I love the colours!!! They are simply sweet and cute!! I actually prefer the apricot colour since it goes really well with my skin tone!! As for the peach the colour is super cute too so i love them both!! 

Formula: ★★★★★
They are both press powered-base blushes and they are quite sheer so it doesn't feel heavy or look dramatic on the skin. In this sense for this blusher "Less is more", but you can keep applying more onto your cheeks without having that unnatural look or feel to it!!

Cost: ★★★
I'm sorry but i don't remember the exact cost since i threw out the outer packaging. But from memory it wasn't super expensive since you are able to buy it from Watsons or Mannings (both in HK).

Overall: ★★★★★
I love both these cute little blushers!!! They have the prettiest colours which really match their names and they are quite affordable. I'm sure you can purchase them through online beauty shops or ebay. 

Tomorrow is the Obento fundraising which to raise awareness of the Japan Earthquakes & Tsunami disaster which happened last year! So hope every show their support and love!!
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