So when i was back in Hong Kong for vacation i went and had a photo shoot with a friend! And as promised here are a few of the pictures taken on the day with some behind the scene pictures too!! So i got to the photo shoot location around 9am in the morning where i was to get ready with all the makeup, hair and outfit preparations. All the pictures are in their original form but only a few have some colour's changed, especially the behind the scene pictures! 
***WARNING: heavy pictures
The table filled with items which all belonged to our hair/makeup artist's 
gorgeous makeup done, now to style the hair!
hair & makeup finished
Of course having such amazing makeup applied onto my face i just had to take some luvo's for myself!! So throughout the whole photo session i had taken quite a few luvo's while our photographers set up the lights and all!
The first look was a more youthful, fun and cheeky look! The denim shorts i'm wearing is my absolute favorite!!! I think this was my favorite look of the entire day!!
taken by david
100% unedited!! i simply loved it so i didn't change anything!!
enjoy being young and cheeky!
The second look we changed into a girly romantic look! Here i wore a floral dress which i had bought from forever21 (and it was the last one in my size!!)

feel different, be different
(Simply changing the colours can change a picture so much, the original picture is the one upside down!)
mirror magic
For the third look we did a contrast of the classic black and white! I wore a rice white elegant dress but soon changed into my friend, Cynthia's white dress to match her outfit better. 
"Behind the scene" (BTS)
Before we changed into another dress
BTS with our hair/makeup artist Kay
never stop believing
i love smiling as people tell me i look best when i smile 
BTS taken by Kay 
BTS taken by Kay 
BTS taken by Kay 

My fourth and final look of the day was a more elegant, unique and different style. The dress i was wearing was actually a maxi skirt. I really liked the hat~~  
After a tiring day at the photo shoot i was really looking foward to all the photo's we took that day!! 
With hair/makeup artist Kay

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  1. Everything you wear looks so gorgeous!! :D

    1. Thankyou!! :D
      And if you could help me out with voting for me by clicking onto this link: http://model2012.com.au/?portfolio=sherina-yeung-sydney & click "recommend" and share it with your friends that would be great!! :D


  2. The final looks is gorgeous! And you look good in all those photos! really ^^ I like the hair in the first set too, it's cute~

    1. Yeah it's really cute!! I might do a re-make tutorial for it~~
      Also please help out by voting for me at:
      and "recommend" it as well as sharing it with your friends too :D
      Will be posting up more blogs and hopefully videos up very soon!!



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