Night time catch up at Arisun「阿里山」

Sometimes we just finish uni at a later hour or want to catch up with old friends. So i like to go down to Arisun which is located on Dixon Street in Sydney CBD. 
So far i have been here twice already and i'm really loving the atmosphere here! The food is nice and they also have an outside area where i love to sit! 

Arisun Ratings:

I think it's located really well! It's on the end of Dixon street from Chinatown. It also has an outside and inside area to choose from.

The menu is quite reasonable priced if you go with like 3 or more people if not just a dinner for 2 might be a bit pricey

So last thursday (15/03/2012) i went down to Arisun with friends and we had a enjoyable night with tonnes of catching up to do. This is what we ordered that night. 
Lemon soju
Lemon Soju Ratings: 

I couldn't really taste the soju at all so to me it just tasted like lemonade.

It cost about $23 for this so it was a bit expensive in my opinion as it's not really worth the price.

I wouldn't really recommend but overall it's alright.
kimchi & ??
So one reason i like going to a Korean restaurant is that they usually give side dishes whilst waiting for your dishes to come out, for free. So that night we only got kimchi (maybe because they ran out of the other side dishes?) & next to the kimchi we had no idea what was it was!! So we tried to ask the staff but we couldn't really hear them and so we had to guess. In the end we figured that they were actually napkins and you just through it into a cup of water at the end.

Vegetable with noodle platter
Vegetable with noodle platter Ratings:

This had various vegetables in this dish and had a hint of wasabi in it. It's quite a refreshing dish and so it was a good starter.

This dish cost about $28 which is quite alright since it was quite a big dish and it was filling for four people that night.

I would recommend this dish to start you off.

One of their top 5 chicken dish!- Chicken strips with shallots & wasabi mayo 
Chicken strips with shallots & wasabi mayo Ratings:

The chicken is not tough and taste really nice with the wasabi mayo topped with the shallots!! But i think if you eat just the chicken then it's quite plain and not really worth the price.

It cost $30 for a whole plateful which is really filling because there are so many pieces!!! 

I would recommend this dish because it is one of their top 5 chicken dishes!!! I can't wait to try all the other flavors as the other chicken dishes are all deep fried chicken wings or drumsticks with different flavors which include original, sweet chilli and soy sauce.

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  1. The food looks good! But eeek it's so expensive!

    1. Yeah so i wouldn't recommend this place if it's just two people. It'd be much more worth it if you had more than 3 people is what i'll suggest. :)


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