Sasa Hual & Bow fantasy

Hello there!! Finally having the time to catch up with my blog posts!!So during my trip in Hong Kong one of the shops that i will always be going back to is SASA!! So here is what i bought in my SASA hual, though i forgot to include a few items but fess not as i will review the missing items soon! 
Two box-full of makeup, cosmetics & hair products
 I had packed away most of my sasa hual into boxes when i left Hong Kong. When i step foot into sasa i spend hours and hours in there picking items up, looking at them, deciding which to buy and all. 

Items from the left box
So in the left box included: (left to right)
-2x dolly wink black liquid eyeliners

-Tigi, Bed Head Ego Boost leave-in conditioner
-Tigi, Bed Head Superstar volumizer
-Tigi, Bed Head Small Talk thickifier
-EOS honeysuckle honeydew lip balm
-AB Mezical Fiber
-2x Mangosteen peeling gel
-ZA real black liquid eyeliner
-KATE brush
-4x Rich Accent Eyelashes
-KATE black gel eyeliner
-KATE gel eyebrow coat
-BCL Makemania Data Pencil Black Gel Eyeliner
-2x KOJI spring heart new eyelashes
-2x KOJI spring heart eyelash glue (black & white/clear)
-2x Cure Natural Aqua Peeling Gel

Items from the right box
So in this picture includes: (left to right)
-2x Magic magic blue false lashes (#1 Sweet, #3 Princess)
-2x Magic magic pink false lashes (C-01 natural, W-06 dramatic)
-2x Dolly Wink eyelash glue (clear & black)
-2x Dolly Wink mascara (long & volume)
-6x Dolly Wink "Otona" series eyelashes
-5x Dolly Wink false lashes
-K-palette real lasting jet black liquid eyeliner

I'm already missing Hong Kong for it cheap shops, foods and of course SASA!!! 

Fashion of the day (08/03/2012) 


So last week i received a parcel which i was longing for quite some time now. And it was all nicely wrapped, safe and sound so i quickly opened it up! All her work is original and amazing so i couldn't help but get myself some of her products too!! 
& to my surprise it was wrapped up in two bubble envelopes!!! But the first envelope had a few cards in them so i took them out first. Okay so i bought some products from Dolldelight, who is a Philippine lolita designer. 
So i bought myself 9 headpieces since they were on the offer buy 2 get one free which is why i have so many now!! Though one of them was missing in my package so i will be getting that one a little bit later :)
Each headpiece has it's own name to it so here they are: (left to right)
-Tangerine Treasure
-Venetian Vision
-Regal in Red Tassel
-Puppy Power
-Zebra Zebra
-Baby Blooms
-Rosette Romance Blue
-Pastel Ponies
-Bloom in Black (missing)

So far i think my favorite bow is the Pastel Ponies bow! It's the biggest one compared to the others and the patterns are really cute and sweet!!
Yogurberry is coming to town! 

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  1. Wow that's a crazy amount of lashes, must have cost a small fortune. When I visited SaSa I wanted to buy so much but had to resist due to little suitcase space.

    1. Yeah it did cost me quite a bit but because i save up i have no guilt in purchasing them and i'm also a vip member so i get discount. :D


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