Yogurberry is in town!

Hong Kong have these DIY yogurt shops everywhere and coming back to Sydney makes me miss this low fat and low calorie snack.But i no longer crave for the yogurt snack anymore as Sydney just opened 3 franchises under the company Yogurberry

The very first one opened in Sydney CBD World Square, then in Chatswood and the third one opened up in Eastwood. Not only do they have a DIY yogurt selection but they also have a few items on their menu, such as Yogurt Parfait, Yogurt Smoothies and Mix in Yogurts. They also have coffee and tea too!!!

Yogurberry Ratings:

The locations are really well distributed so far, in my opinion, since i have one close by to me :) But i'm sure there will be more franchises up soon!!

They have more than just DIY yogurt so 

The cost is 20cents/10g? So i find that quite reasonable. 

They have about 10 different flavored yogurts but i could only see about 4-5 different flavored yogurts when i went which included mango, blueberry, chocolate, strawberry and original. As for the toppings they had everything from fruits to lollies to biscuits!! (Definitely feeling the HK yogurt-ness). And of course once you have collected your yogurt and added you favorite toppings all you need to do is weight it in at the counter and pay for it! 3 simple steps to get a delicious low fat and low calorie snack!

Here i overloaded mine with a mixture of mango and blueberry flavored yogurt. Then i packed it with strawberries, mango, watermelon, passionfruit sauce, mochi (i love them!! They taste exactly the ones from HK), oreo and cornflakes!!
I got the smallest tub and all together it cost me $5.60!! I think it is quite reasonable as i had overloaded mine! 

My personal Yogurberry mixture Ratings: 

Both the mango and blueberry were packed with flavor and the texture was very smooth. I personally liked the blueberry yogurt more since the burst of flavor was stronger than the mango.

One of my favorite topping is the mochi.(I choose the plain white ones but they do have colourful rainbow ones too.) The mochi is extremely soft and it doesn't stick to your teeth!! I was just simply amazed how they were able to bring the HK mochi to Sydney! It makes me super happy!! Of course i love fruits so fruits are a must in my yogurt mixture!!

I am absolutely HAPPY that Sydney has finally gotten around to having these DIY yogurt franchises!! Will definitely be snacking from Yogurberry a lot!!!!! So i definitely recommend this to everyone and go to your nearest Yogurberry now! :D

As you can see i have changed the banner for my beauty blog now since it's a new year i wanted to have a new banner for the blog. 

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