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Sexy Look is a Taiwanese brand which their number 1 best seller goes to their 3D masks!! But here they have collaborated with hello kitty to create these cute masks!! These masks are limited edition and were release, i think, late last year. Here are all four mask which they mainly aim to whiten and moisturize our skin!! While i was searching for the names of each of the mask i came across quite a few names for each of these mask, so i decided to just choose the name that i found more charming.
The top two, from left to right, are the Silky Soft White Chocolate Double Lahti Mask and the Amethyst Polyphenols Hydrating Double Lifting Mask. The bottom two, i heard are limited editions?, are the Hydrating Cherry Blossoms Duo Lifting Mask and the Whitening Firming Rosebush Duo Lifting Mask. So last night i decided to try out the Chocolate Hellot Kitty mask!!

As you can see, there is tonnes of serum inside the packet which i used to apply on my neck, shoulder, arms, etc. The chocolate mask is also designed to be a 3D mask.
Application of mask-->result
Silky Soft White Chocolate Double Lahti Mask Ratings:

I can feel my skin tighten as i peel the mask off my face. And i also noticed my complexion has brightened up indeed.

Mask material: 
The mask material is cotton-based and compared to the My Beauty Diary's mask it is slightly thicker though the formula is still easily absorbed into the skin. 

The aroma of mask smells like cocoa and the formula is easily absorbed into the skin. It's thick liquid consistency fills the entire packet of the mask, leaving a lot of excess to use on your neck. 

I bought a whole box of 12 (3 of each mask) in Hong Kong, but i can't remember the exact price that i got it for. All i can remember is that is was reasonably priced! 

Definitely recommend this mask, especially if your a hello kitty fan!! Though to me i thought the mask was designed a bit to small for my face as when i pulled the neck mask section over my ears it actually pulled my ears down making it hurt a bit, but other than that this mask is fantastic!!


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