Let's eat back in time with Japan pt.1

Menya Oiden is Menya Mappen's sister outlet which happens to be located right next to one another inside Skyview Shopping Plaza on George Street. Menya Oiden specializes with rice dishes where as Menya Mappen specializes with soba/udon dishes. Menya Mappen opened before Menya Oiden did but i've decided to review on Oiden first as i need to re-taste the dishes from Mappen and take better photos. :P

This is what the inside of Menya Oiden looks like. It has a very nostalgic antique feel and they play music from way before i was born, maybe when my parents were just babies!! I love how they put up old posters to grab that feeling of old goodness.

The process of ordering is very simple and easy too! First thing i need to remind everyone before going here is that you cannot save seats! You must order first before you can take your seats.
So the first thing you'll see is a fridge full of drinks to choose from. Then you will see trays in front of the glass screen where you can see one of the staff making fresh terriyaki grill chickens!! 

Moving your tray along the bench you will encounter 2 drink stations where you can choose from ice matcha milk or the ginger tea (perfect to drink in winter to keep you warm!!) 

You will soon find the menu in front of you where you choose your rice dish!! But of course it is not necessary to order them if you do not wish you and go for the small snacks instead.

As you can see, you will first encounter the deep fried snacks then the chilled snacks. Last of all is the miso soup station and then paying your bill while you add shallots and fried tempura bits onto your rice dish!! If you didn't buy a drink at the beginning, it's okay as they offer free hot/cold water with their water tap system.

So here we ordered the terriyaki chicken bowl in large and the hash beef with cheese rice in medium. Along the way we picked up a meat croquette, potato salad and chuka wakame. Altogether it cost just under AUD$19!!! 

Menya Oiden Ratings:

Menya Oiden is located inside Skyview Shopping Plaza on George Street. The entrance to this plaza is the glass doors next to Pepper Lunch!!

They have quite a lot of rice dishes which include tuna, salmon, sukiyaki beef, curry, terriyaki chicken, etc. They also have lots of extra side dishes to choose from such as the deep fried snacks or the chilled snacks!!!

The prices are super cheap in my opinion!! And for that small price you pay you get an entire meal to fill you up!!

Highly recommend this place for those who enjoy the more antique side of japan and enjoys eating rice meals for lunch!! I suggest to get there before the lunch peak hour if not you'll have you wait for seats. But usually you don't have to wait that long since the ordering process will take a while. They only accept cash!

Happy eating!!!
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