Let's eat back in time with Japan pt.2

Have fun on a rainy day!
This week has been raining in Sydney and according to the newspaper it will be the wettest week of the year. I really didn't want to get out of bed for uni but you know, have to keep up with my classes and studies!

On a rainy day after uni i headed down to Menya Mappen for lunch. So previously i had blogged about Menya Oiden, which happens to be the sister outlet of Menya Mappen. If you haven't read about Oiden then click "here". So Mappen specializes in soba and udon dishes. As you can see in the picture that there is a door at the front but please note, that it is the exit whereas the entrance is on the left side of the shop.

This is what the interior looks like. Both Mappen and Oiden have the exact same atmosphere. With wooden seats, dim lightening and retro old looking posters everywhere to capture that mood.

Again, the process of ordering your food is exactly the same as Oiden. Staring with the fridge to choose a drink then moving along you order your food where there will the menu will be on the table to point out which one you want. You can see them make your order as you wait. After receiving your main soba or udon dish you move along the bench picking up side dishes, where you encounter the tempura section then the cool side dishes. At the end of the bench you will see tempura bits and shallots where you can add on top of your udon or soba main. Last of all, wait for them to calculate everything then pay for your meal. 

This is how it would look like when your are in the process of ordering...
If you didn't buy a drink at the start of the queue, fess not as they offer free water with their water tap system on the far right side. 

There are also TWO important rules which apply at both Mappen and Oiden. 
Rule#1 is return your tray after finishing your meal to the tray collection section, near the water tap system.
Rule#2 I find is the most important one, which is don't keep the seats before ordering. Both Mappen and Oiden are first come first eat, if not, those who ordered won't be able to sit down and eat because everyone else has decided to save seats! & don't fuss about not getting a seat because by the time you finish ordering there will be seats for you and your friends!! :)

Top: Curry Soba
Bottom: Kake Udon
So today I had ordered the curry soba (medium) and kake udon (large). I also picked up a few side dishes which included pacific herring, prawn tempura, fish cake tempura and chuka wakame. In total it cost just under AUD$19!!

Menya Mappen Ratings:

Menya Mappen is located inside Skyview Shopping Plaza on George Street. The entrance to this plaza is the glass doors next to Pepper Lunch!!

They have various udon and soba dishes to choose from and a few of them can be served cold! The side dishes are also a bonus as there are quite a lot of choices to choose from.

The prices is unbelievable!! The first time i ever ate here when it first opened i was honestly just stunned at how cheap the meal was but the taste was amazing!!

Highly recommend this place for all you udon or soba lovers out there!! I suggest to get there before the lunch peak hour if not you'll have you wait for seats. But usually you don't have to wait that long since the ordering process will take a while. They only accept cash!

Fashion of the Day
i'm a banana
- Fake glasses, H&M
- Scarf, Vivienne Westwood
- "Banana" tank top, WC
- Shoes, Dr. Martins

I love wearing my bright yellow dr.Martins on rainy days as it keeps my feet's warm, cosy and dry!!!
So tell me, what shoes do you wear on a rainy day??

Comments are love ♥


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