Let's get Grill'd

Yesterday as i met up with an old friend in Chatswood we decided to head down to Grill'd for some burgers since the both of us still hadn't tried it ever since it opened up a franchise in Chatswood.

The interior of the place used bricks and wood to create a homey feel. The menu hangs just in front of the entrance as you walk inside.

Grill'd, Chatswood, Ratings:

Grill'd offer various burgers ranging from beef, chicken, lamb and veggie burgers. They also have snacks and salads too!!

Since these burgers are more on the gourmet side the cost is alright i suppose. The entire menu ranges from AUD$9.50 - AUD$15.50.

Chatswood's franchise is located in the new section right next to the concourse and new library of Chatswood. The only reason why one star is taken off is i think if it was raining, it could get quite packed inside since it's not very spacious inside.

So my friend and i both ordered a burger each and cut them both in half so we could try two burgers at once.  
Here my friend ordered the 'Kung fu Fighter'. The ingredients include grilled grass fed lean beef, shredded carrot, coriander, satay sauce, salad and herbed mayo. 

'Kung fu Fighter' Ratings:

The sweetness of the fresh vege's, the juiciness of the beef and the great combination of sauces makes this burger really nice to eat!! I enjoyed this one much more than the one i ordered!!

This burger cost AUD$11.50!! I think it's a good price for this burger.

Highly recommend this burger to those who love their satay dressing!!
So the burger i order is called 'Hot Mama'. The ingredients used for this burger are grilled grass fed lean beef, roasted peppers, dill pickle, tasty cheese, tzatziki, salad and harissa paste.

'Hot Mama' Ratings:

I didn't like this burger as much as i did for Kung fu Fighter as i found this burger i bit too salty but the ingredients were really fresh which made up for it.

This burger cost AUD$13.50.

Other than the slight saltier taste it was fully packed with the ingredients and you can choose to have it extra chilli or just as it is. As for me i decided to go for extra chilli since i'm a chilli lover. 

The weather was simply fantastic yesterday.
The sun was shining, the wind was warm,
what more could we ask for a day to catch up

With dear friend

Part II of our adventure will be posted up soon as we head off to a coffee shop to enjoy the vintage atmosphere.
she is extremely cute & funny!
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