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Today's post is all items related to the the colour pink!♥

First off, Royal Vision has three different series called Love Colour, Cinderella and Macaron. So let me introduce you to Royal Vision's Macaron in Pink. Royal Vision's soft colour contacts are all made in Korea and the Macaron series are 14.5mm in diameter. 
What they look like
Royal Vision's Maracon series have a blend of three tones in them. As for the pink contacts, they have pink, lilac and honey brown.
Top: in the bottle
Bottom: out of the bottle

How to open them

Top: Under natural sunglight
Bottom: Under flash
Royal Vision, Maracon Pink Ratings:

These lenses are super comfortable as they are soft lenses and their water content is 38%. 

The colours are really pretty and it make my eyes appear more mesmerizing and mysterious. It doesn't make a huge statement that it makes you look like a freak, rather when worn it appears more natural than expected, like a glassy pink-brown.

Even though they are only 14.5mm in diameter they still achieve to make my eyes appear more wider and awake. Really happy with the results!

I think i can get use to these contacts, as they are different and really pretty. For the past few months i've been nervous to wear back colour contacts (maybe due to the fake colour contacts issue??), hence the late colour contact posts. But after wearing these contacts, it eased my mind about wearing contact lenses. 

Moving onto my currently favorite lipstick which i have been wearing pretty much everyday i head out to uni. Even though it is already autumn here it still feels like summer sometimes!! 
Pink is a strong and powerful colour
Revlon Colourburst, 025 Carnation, is a gorgeous summer/spring lipstick. This warm fuschia-pink lipstick is definitely one of my favorite lipstick at the moment. It brings life to my face when i wear minimal amount of makeup.
You can build the colour by applying more coats on top
Revlon Colourburst, 025 Carnation Ratings:

I simiply love this warm fuschia pink colour! It's perfect to wear in summer and spring!!

The lipstick applies on smoothly and has a creamy moist texture.

You can purchase these pretty much in any drug store in Australia, such as Priceline but it cost about AUD$25. But since i bought mine in Hong Kong i only got it for HK82,which is equivalent to about AUD$10!! 

Other than the price you get in Australia, i simply love this creamy smooth pigmented lipstick! 
Lastly to finish off my pinky post i leave it with Strawberry flavored Meltykiss chcolates! Meltykiss is my number one favorite chocolate which is affordable!! They come in many different flavors and some are limited edition, which only last for a few days or until they sell out!
my chcolate!!
Meltykiss, Strawberry flavored Ratings:

The middle has the fruity strawberry filling which is covered with milk chocolate on top. It melts instantly in your mouth and you can smell the fruity strawberries!!

Very reasonable cheap in my opinion, if you buy from overseas, as you can buy 5 boxes (SET) for HKD$100 (AUD$12.50), if i remember correctly. But if you buy in Sydney it cost about $5-$6 a box.

These are my favorite chocolates and i always bring back a lot whenever my family members or i go to back Hong Kong!!  

strawberry  filling
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  1. The lenses and lip color are so pretty! I want to get another pink pair of lenses as my other one was defected D:

    1. Oh thats a shame :( But yeah try giving these a go, if you are after a pair with more tones :D

  2. i love your natural beauty! you have good energy

    1. Aww thank you! You're so sweet!!
      I love all the sweet messages you lovely readers give me :)



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