Review: Benefit's Boxing day Beauty Kit

So last Christmas, as you know from my Boxing Day Hual blog post, i had purchased the Benefit's boxing day kit. Since i went to Hong Kong early this year i just hadn't had time to review on the item's inside. But now that i finally got around to it, let's begin the review post nows!

The Boxing day beauty kit cost me only AUD$99 and the items are worth up to AUD$130. Inside the Benefit boxing day beauty kit comes 4 pieces of makeup which include the full size 'some kind-a gorgeous' foundation, full size 'Hoola' bronzing powder, sample size 'high beam' highlighter and a sample size 'bad gal' mascara.

Starting off with the 'Some kind-a gorgeous' foundation. This is a cream-based foundation which promises an "instant beauty boost" to even out your skin tone. As for me i'm using the medium tone since i tend to get darker in summer and lighter during winter so this tone blends well with both of my summer and winter skin tones. 

The packaging is compact and light. It comes with a mirror and a sponge for an easy application when you are on the go. 

Some kind-a gorgeous Ratings:

I really like the medium tone as it goes well with my summer and winter skin tones. This foundation comes in two other tones which  are 'lite' and 'deep'.

The first time i used this product i applied it using a foundation brush (since i'm not a huge fan of using sponges) but the results were unpleasant! It was really oily and it made my eyeliner smudge. So the next time i tried i used the sponge which it came with and the application results were so much better compared to using the foundation brush!! The formula changed from a cream to powder when applied using the sponge and it is super easy to blend out without being harsh!! It's also super light so my skin is able to breathe and very buildable to cover dark circles/flaws without having to use concealer. Love it! 

Highly recommend this product!! I definitely will be using this foundation more often on hot summery or spring days!! In winter and autumn it is perfect for a light application in the early morning's when you have to wake up early for uni or school, so you look more awake. 

The next item in the beauty kit is the 'Hoola' bronzing powder. This bronzer has no shimmer or glitter required for that extra healthy glow on your face. It also comes with a soft cheek brush and a small mirror in the packaging to easily apply when you are on the go.

As you can see the colour is a matte tan brown. When applied it softly add's the warm healthy glow to the skin. Because the colour is really light it is very buildable to get to the certain shade you want.

Hoola Ratings:

I love this matte tan brown shade as it goes perfectly well with my skin tone!!!

The powder is very soft and silky making it really easy to blend on the skin!!

I do recommend this product to those who have light-medium skin tones as i'm not sure whether this product will show up as sufficient on darker skin tones.

'High beam' is a pink liquid highlighter and is one of benefit's top sellers!! This highlighter promises to give a radiant glow.

As you can see the sample size comes in a tube with a brush applicator. 
The colour is pearly pink and when blended it small spec's of shimmer can be seen as a result of the highlighter.

High beam Ratings:

The pearly pink colour gives a really healthy radiant glow when i apply this to my brow bone, T-zone and cheeks.

The highlighter is a thick-liquid consistency but it is super easy to blend out with your fingers!! 

I really like this highlighter and it's no wonder it is one of benefit's top seller as it can match any skin tone!!

Another sample sized product is the 'bad gal' mascara!! This mascara gives you a full and voluminous lashes!

The brush is really big and chunky, which to me i find it harder to use on my lashes since i'm more use to the majolica marjorca mascara brushes, so the benefit's bad gal mascara brush can easily make a mark on my eyelids.

Bad Gal Ratings:

I can see my lashes increase in volume with one coat but i think for maximum effect i would suggest another 2-3 coats.

The super black formula creates amazing results for those who have few or thin eye lashes.

Definitely recommend this to those who have little or thin eye lashes to make their eye's more bigger and wide awake.

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