Sweet Easter

Let's sweeten up Easter with some japanese sweets!
excuse the bad quality photo-was taken with the front camera on iphone
Here i had bought 2 different packs of candies while i was in Hong Kong!!
The packet on the left is from the company SENJAKU Candy Land and the packet on the right is a lemon candy.
They are both hard fruit flavored candies!!! 
The SENJAKU candy has 5 assorted flavors which include apple, pear, mandarin, pomegranate and japanese citrus fruit. They all leave the mouth feel refreshed!!
Apple Flavor Ratings:

It is not too sweet and has a nice honey touch to it. It is also very refreshing in the mouth.

Pear Flavor Ratings:

Has a lemony refreshing taste!! Perfect for when you mouth is feeling bored of food.
Mandarin Flavor Ratings:

This flavor leaves my mouth with that sweet and citrus mandarin taste!
Pomegranate Flavor Ratings:

This is my absolute favorite flavor!!! It is the strongest in taste and really refreshes my mouth!! 
Japanese citrus fruit Flavor Ratings:

I really like this one as it has a very zingy citrus taste!

SENJAKU Candy Ratings:

Quite reasonably priced!!!

Definitely recommend this candy to everyone!! I has 5 different flavors which i'm sure will be able to suit everyone's taste!!!

Moving onto the LEMON CANDY now!
Lemon Candy Ratings:

This candy is not as nice as it looks like. It's quite plain i must say and it doesn't have that citrusy zingy taste which i like whenever i buy lemon flavored candies.

I'm not sure the exact price that i got it for but it was reasonably well priced.

I wouldn't recommend you buying this one since it doesn't have that lemony citrus taste but if your not a fan of that strong citrus taste then this is the lemon candy for you!!

excuse the bad quality photo-was taken with the front camera on iphone

Need your support & love :)

So the past few days i have been super busy trying to get all my assessments done before the Easter holidays so i can have more time to blog and maybe start filming again!! Also i still need all your help with this modelling competition!!
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What did you guys do this Easter??
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