Review: Pop your eye colour, Blue

I recently had shopped a pieces of beauty and fashion products online and today i decided to reveal the first item from my hual!
Here is "pop beauty's- pop your eye colour palette, in blue eyes"

The packaging is quite small and has a mirror as well so it's perfect if your on-the-go.

There are 12 shades of colours, where there are a few shimmery shades and a few matte shades making this palette very convenient to use for any situations!

Pop your eye colour, BLUE, Ratings:

I simply love the colour's in the blue palette!!
There are so many cute pastel colours which is really in trend!!!
I can't wait to experiment with all these lovely colours! 

The colours are really pigmented so a little goes a long long way! It's really easy to blend with your fingers/brush as it is really fine! 

This palette cost me about AUD$23.80, so i find it quite reasonably priced.

I do recommend this product to those who like experimenting with different colours/looks. I simply just can't wait to use all the colour's!!

Remember to keep warm for those living in Sydney!
The weather is starting to get cooler! 
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Review: KATE Gel EyeLiner BK-3

Sorry for the slow updates on my blog as i've been super busy with upcoming tests and exams!! Hope this review post keeps you guys entertained while i try to review more products!!!

Want to create smooth and define lines. Well Kanebo KATE gel eyeliner can help you with that.
As for me i choose BK-3 for the gel eyeliner and decided to pick up the gel eyebrow brush since it was on sale.

gel eyebrow brush, gel eyeliner bk-3
Here is what the product looks like when they both taken out of their packaging.
I have been replacing my liquid eyeliner with this gel eyeliner recently due to the easy and smooth to apply onto my eyelids. A little goes a long way!!

Kanebo KATE Gel Eyeliner BK-03 Ratings:

The gel is super pigmented and it also has specs of glitter in it too!! It is really soft and creamy which makes it super easy to apply!! Super loving this product when i found out about the glitter in it. Not only that but it is also smudge proof & waterproof!!!!

Because i bought this product in HK it only cost me about HK$69 which converted back to asutralian dollars, it would be less than AUD$10!!!

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Fantastic product which i simply love right now!!!

Fashion of the week
-Vivienne Westwood scarf
-Wakatsuki Chinatsu Sweater
- b+ab studded shorts


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Review: Meiji Fran Matcha Green Tea Meltykiss Pocky

I love my green tea!! Anything green tea flavored i have to try it out for sure!! I also can't get enough of my meltykiss chocolates and pocky's so what's even better is the Meiji Fran Matcha Green Tea Meltykiss Pocky!!!
look at the super fat pocky covered in thick matcha  chocolate!!
Meiji Fran Matcha Green Tea Meltykiss Pocky Ratings:

Super love this pocky!! The chocolate melts instantly just like the usual meltykiss chocolate!!! 

Definitely recommend this product to those who love green tea flavored japanese snacks!!!!

Taste even better with cookie 'n' cream ice-cream!!!
100% zero makeup

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「Sakura moment」& Rings and Tings

Hi there everyone, sorry for the not so often update and all!
Have been busy with all the uni tests & "studying" lately!!
But of course i have not only been doing the boring stuff!!
So i recently received sponsored accessories, tried a yukata and got my hair dyed!!
Beginning with the sponsored accessories i received from Rings & Tings. They are an online shop which offer super cute, unique and fashionable clothing's and accessories!! They people running Rings & Tings were kind enough to sponsor me with a few accessories and of course in return i'm reviewing for their lovely products!!
So here i have received their double finger spike ring and bird chain necklace. 

Double Finger Spike Ring Ratings:
This ring cost about £3.50

I simply love the the spike ring as it brings out my inner punk/rock style out which i have left behind in the back of my box of styles. With this ring i can definitely re-create my rock and chic style again! & another bonus is that this double ring fits me perfectly without having it to get stuck on my fingers!!

Bird Chain Necklace Ratings:
This necklace cost about £3

Why so little stars?? Well not that i hate the design but i do prefer bolder accessories. I do think this necklace is really cute and it will go really well with a simple and cute cream coloured dress. 

If these accessories have interested you do check out their website now as they are having an up to 50% off sale on their products!!!!

Thank you rings&tings!!
On tuesday i went and got my hair ends dyed!!! Of course i had a dream colour in mind but my stylist said it was best to do 2 sessions in order to prevent my hair from being totally damaged that it would be 'game over' for it. And straight after my first session, even though it was not the close to my dream colour just yet, i was stroking it and loving it as i left the salon!!!Here is the colour of my hair as it starts to slowly fade.  
Strawberry Pink The night after i got it done till now 
I had borrowed my friends' yukata for a photo shooting day in my foresty-like yard!! That day was super sunny but then went cloudy and windy!!! I was freezing to be in the cold as i stood their waiting for the photo's to be taken and as a result i catch a miniature cold. But it's okay!!!
「Sakura moment」

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Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mum's out there!!


So on thursday i went out to have a mother-daughter date.

We headed to the city where we had chicken laksa from ThaiRiffic Noodle Bar & Taste of Hanoi from Wrap & Roll. 
Taste of Hanoi (One of my favorite dishes to eat at Syd. CBD Westfield)
Chicken Laksa
Of course after lunch we did a little bit of shopping nearby. At the end of the day we had bought a cute pink Guess bag and few pieces of clothing for my older brother too, because mum was feeling extra nice.

& of course here is my fashion of the day! I decided to go more casual and easy.

Fashion of the day 10/05/2012

-Boy London x LONG, Cross Tee
-Chapel, Wet leggings
-Vivienne Westwood, bag
- electric bolt earrings

So today was Mother's Day!! & since my mum had work in the morning i decided to book dinner at Seoul Ria for a nice warm and cozy korean BBQ!!
Side dishes & vegetables +$4

4 different meats $45
Spicy Pork Rock Bowl Rice $16
Seoul Ria Ratings:

Located in the busy streets of the city!! Easy to find!!!

They have a wide range of food from cold-hot dishes, hotpot-bbq which can accommodate to what you want to eat that night. Though some dishes can be too much, especially if your eating with only 2-3 people (unless your a big eater or super hungry!)

Prices are quite reasonable in my opinion for the generous amount they serve!!

Highly recommend this place if you plan to have an outing with a group of friends as this is the perfect place to warm up during winter nights!!

Once again, Happy Mother's Day!!!
i love mummy!
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Celebrating at The Winery

The Winery, located in Surry Hills, is where we headed to celebrate a surprise for my friends' birthday!

As the earliest to arrive, i was shown to our booked table, which was on their second floor. The whole atmosphere from the entrance of the restaurant to the second floor's interior it was simply enjoyable, relaxing and fun. 

The place was just a bit dark in our corner where we had to shine our mobile lights to read the menu properly. & of course what else is there to do when your waiting for the rest of your friends to arrive than take luvo's!! 

 When ordering our food we decided to get a bottle of fruit wine, four share & small plates and three main dishes.& honestly i forgot most of the dishes name as i wasn't the one who made the order. 
Top (R): Field Mushroom Ravioli
Bottom (L): Chicken liver pate, Ham & Egg, Half a dozen risotto balls (R): Roasted Mushrooms
Left: Chicken, champagne & grape pie,
Right: Black forest cake w/the birthday boy, Ken
I think my favorite dish of that night was the ravioli.

The Winery Ratings:

The place was a bit tricky to find on the streets because you will come across a restaurant named Zushi which has the exact same address, so i had to ask one of their staff on the whereabouts of The Winery. They kindly said to go through the gates just next to their restaurant and i will see it straight ahead.
285/A St Surry Hills 2010 Sydney
Open 7 days 12pm - 12am.

The food that we had ordered were to be the most popular dishes, but all i can say that i'm not really a fan of their food as much. Some dishes were a bit salty for my liking.

Okay price to me is a big deal, especially if i'm not getting fed FANTASTIC TASTING FOOD! & so i was really all too happy with the bill at the end.

This place is just lovely, especially at night with all their fairy lights on in their garden. But i don't think i will be coming back here so often.

Despite the price and food which just doesn't suit my taste, we had an enjoyable night out!! & here we ended the night with a group photo of those who attended to this surprise birthday dinner.

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Ah! I just love their interior at The Winery!!!!
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