Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mum's out there!!


So on thursday i went out to have a mother-daughter date.

We headed to the city where we had chicken laksa from ThaiRiffic Noodle Bar & Taste of Hanoi from Wrap & Roll. 
Taste of Hanoi (One of my favorite dishes to eat at Syd. CBD Westfield)
Chicken Laksa
Of course after lunch we did a little bit of shopping nearby. At the end of the day we had bought a cute pink Guess bag and few pieces of clothing for my older brother too, because mum was feeling extra nice.

& of course here is my fashion of the day! I decided to go more casual and easy.

Fashion of the day 10/05/2012

-Boy London x LONG, Cross Tee
-Chapel, Wet leggings
-Vivienne Westwood, bag
- electric bolt earrings

So today was Mother's Day!! & since my mum had work in the morning i decided to book dinner at Seoul Ria for a nice warm and cozy korean BBQ!!
Side dishes & vegetables +$4

4 different meats $45
Spicy Pork Rock Bowl Rice $16
Seoul Ria Ratings:

Located in the busy streets of the city!! Easy to find!!!

They have a wide range of food from cold-hot dishes, hotpot-bbq which can accommodate to what you want to eat that night. Though some dishes can be too much, especially if your eating with only 2-3 people (unless your a big eater or super hungry!)

Prices are quite reasonable in my opinion for the generous amount they serve!!

Highly recommend this place if you plan to have an outing with a group of friends as this is the perfect place to warm up during winter nights!!

Once again, Happy Mother's Day!!!
i love mummy!
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