「Sakura moment」& Rings and Tings

Hi there everyone, sorry for the not so often update and all!
Have been busy with all the uni tests & "studying" lately!!
But of course i have not only been doing the boring stuff!!
So i recently received sponsored accessories, tried a yukata and got my hair dyed!!
Beginning with the sponsored accessories i received from Rings & Tings. They are an online shop which offer super cute, unique and fashionable clothing's and accessories!! They people running Rings & Tings were kind enough to sponsor me with a few accessories and of course in return i'm reviewing for their lovely products!!
So here i have received their double finger spike ring and bird chain necklace. 

Double Finger Spike Ring Ratings:
This ring cost about £3.50

I simply love the the spike ring as it brings out my inner punk/rock style out which i have left behind in the back of my box of styles. With this ring i can definitely re-create my rock and chic style again! & another bonus is that this double ring fits me perfectly without having it to get stuck on my fingers!!

Bird Chain Necklace Ratings:
This necklace cost about £3

Why so little stars?? Well not that i hate the design but i do prefer bolder accessories. I do think this necklace is really cute and it will go really well with a simple and cute cream coloured dress. 

If these accessories have interested you do check out their website now as they are having an up to 50% off sale on their products!!!!

Thank you rings&tings!!
On tuesday i went and got my hair ends dyed!!! Of course i had a dream colour in mind but my stylist said it was best to do 2 sessions in order to prevent my hair from being totally damaged that it would be 'game over' for it. And straight after my first session, even though it was not the close to my dream colour just yet, i was stroking it and loving it as i left the salon!!!Here is the colour of my hair as it starts to slowly fade.  
Strawberry Pink The night after i got it done till now 
I had borrowed my friends' yukata for a photo shooting day in my foresty-like yard!! That day was super sunny but then went cloudy and windy!!! I was freezing to be in the cold as i stood their waiting for the photo's to be taken and as a result i catch a miniature cold. But it's okay!!!
「Sakura moment」

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  1. Those jewelry pieces are nice :) and I love that yukata, the color of it and the flowers!

  2. Ohh wow the color of your hair is so bold! What's your dream color?

    1. Thankyou :)
      I decided to try something different hehe.
      As for my dream colour i shall reveal after my next session, if it get's there haha!


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