A few hours left...!

in my pj's & Hello Kitty glasses which i haven't worn ever since i bought them 2 years back
So this is going to be the shortest blog post here that i've ever posted so far!! I guess the sleepless night has made me think that if i want to get to know my readers better it's best to start off to get to know how i am so i don't scare you away with all the reviews and all.
Waking up at 7:40am but i officially get out of my warm cosy bed at 8am. And here i am just waiting for time to past by so that i can do my final exam which i have been waiting for the past 2 weeks!! It's just sucks when you just happen to be one of those people who only have one final exam & it's in the last week of the exam period. *sighs* Well good luck to me with my Japanese exam!!
Which reminds me, when i did my HSC i finished on the last day too D: for the same subject too!! JAPANESE!!
How many of you experiencing/experienced this situation??
Okay..so i think i should be getting back to my "studying" now. Can time just please roll a little faster now, i want my holiday freedom!!

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