Review: B&C Makemania Data 24H WP Pencil Gel Eyeliner (Black)

inside its' packaging
 The cute and preppy packaging of the Makemania Pencil Gel Eyeliner!
taken out of it's packaging and close up of  the tip!
  • With soft and flexible twist-out tip, easily outlines the eye with intense, smooth and even line.

  • Black in color, especially empathizing on eye area, alluring eyes will be the result.

  • Long-lasting wear with waterproof and smudge-proof formula.
Let's test this eyeliner!!
 First up we have the smudge-proof test!!!
 Next we have the waterproof test!!
Makemania Data 24H WP Pencil Gel Eyeliner (Black) Ratings:

The packaging is cute and preppy yet still noticeable as most of the eyeliner packaging are pink or black. I love the design how you just twist the eyeliner out and not waste any!

It may look like a pencil eyeliner but the fact that it is actually gel makes me Super Love this product!! It's waterproof and smudge-proof making it perfect to draw my upper and lower waterlines!! The tip is very soft and it also can create smooth and even lines! 

i bought this product in HK and it cost me about just a bit over AUD$10. But you can purchase this through SASA.COM at USD$11 which i find is a bargin for a gel eyeliner!!

I use this gel eyeliner pencil every time i line my upper waterline!! The price is super cheap for a gel eyeliner!!

Just one sleep away from my exam!! Simply cannot wait to just relax and enjoy my holidays!!! Now the question for me is to shop or not to shop!!?

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