Review: GEO Princess Mimi Cafe Waffle Gray

Its been a while since i last did a colour contacts review post!! But all with very good reasons!! Ever since my trip in Hong Kong early this year i would hear stories from my mum of when she went up to China to get her nails done she would see people selling colour contacts at CNY$5/pair but turning up to be fake!! But people still buy them!? So it had kind of freaked me out of wearing contacts for quite a long time now. Now starting to slowly wear them again!

How to open: Find the arrow to lift the cap open to open up the contact bottle
I decided to show how i usually case my new contacts once i've opened them!! So what you'll need is a contacts case & contact solution! Before i take the contacts out of their jar i usually fill the cases with new solution about half way.

After filling the case i then move on to emptying the jars. 
1. Open the lid!
2. Make a cave with your hands to catch the contact when pouring it out of its' jar.
3. Slowly open up the cave to release the "old*" solution (*jar's solution).
4. Using "new*" solution clean the lense on both sides! As for me i like to be extra careful and do the swab test before wearing the contacts or transferring them into the case.
After doing the swab test it makes me feel safer about wearing them. 

Comfort: ★★ 
Really comfortable to wear regardless of their 15mm diameter! Though they did seem a little thicker.

Colour: ★★★★ 

There are about 3 different colours which makes it really 
cool and mysterious! Really like how these turn up on my eye's!! They make my eye's glisten and look all dolly!!

Enlargement: ★★★★★
Very enlarging!! They are 15mm in diameter!!

Overall: ★★★★★
The waffle gray is definitely one of my favorite from the mimi cafe series so far so i highly recommend!!

It really has been a while since i last uploaded a video! But i will start filming as soon as my long awaited one exam is over on the coming Thursday!!! Looking forward to the long holidays!!!! 

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  1. They look pretty natural on you! What exactly is the swab test? I'd be iffy about putting a cotton swab onto my contacts o.o

    1. I will be having a full blog post entry on how to identify fake contacts, the swab test and how to care for your contacts soon!! :)
      But what the swab test does that if the contacts are fake the colour will rubbed off by the cotton swab.


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