Review: Hello Kitty Amethyst Polyphenols Hydrating Double Lifting Mask

The last time i reviewed one of the hello kitty masks was way back in April, read it here if you haven't already!
Here i am getting all the belated posts done!! 
So last night i decided to do the " Amethyst Polyphenols Hydrating Double Lifting Mask", which is the purple packet!
As usual the packet contains tonnes of serum which i like to apply to my neck, shoulder, arms, legs, etc.
Amethyst Polyphenols Hydrating Double Lifting Mask Ratings:

As soon as i remove the mask i can feel that my skin is much more moist and plump!

Mask material: 
The mask material is cotton-based and compared to the My Beauty Diary's mask it is slightly thicker though the formula is still easily absorbed into the skin. Though i will say the design of the mask is a bit small on my face as the ear and chin hook are very tight which hurts my ears so i tend not to use them. 

The aroma of mask has a soft floral scent which soothes my stress and tiredness away. 

I bought a whole box of 12 (3 of each mask) in Hong Kong, but i can't remember the exact price that i got it for. All i can remember is that is was reasonably priced! 

I highly recommend this mask for those who want a good night sleep as the soft floral scent really calms all your nerves making you feeling relaxed and sleepy.

Just 2 more days until i'm free from my studies!!! Then next week i'll be going on a small vacation!! I'll probably vlog when i'm there! Been having such nice weather the last 2 days!Hopefully the sun will still be here next week!!!
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  1. Where can I buy these in Australia? and still waiting for your gym routine posts :p

    Do you have any advice on leg care? Like how to wax and moisturise properly?


    1. If you live in Sydney try..AKA Cosmetics or BLUSH Cosmetics as they specialize with asian cosmetics. If not you can try ebay but i think they don't have the purple one but only the pink packet one.
      I will get to the keeping fit post & leg care post asap. :)
      P.S. Please leave your first name/nickname under your comment so it's easier for me to reply asap. Thanks in advance :)


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