Working Lolita~♥

Over the queen's birthday on Monday i helped my mum at the markets where i had decided to wear my new lolita dress, which i had bought during my trip in Hong Kong early this year. So early in the morning i got ready and did my make up and hair for the day.

Because i was to be working my butt off serving customers and all I went for a simple, light and easy make up, yet still achieving that dolly-cute look.

I used Dolly Wink's first series false lashes in No.1 Dolly Sweet and No.7 Vivid Pop.

Here is a more clear photo of my hair for the day. Took me a while to curl my head but it was worth it!!

& of course how can i forget the dress and shoes!!! Super love my shoes, they are the very first pair of lolita shoes i had bought in Japan way back in 2008 (4 years ago!)

On the day i was complimented heaps by mum's friends and by customer's themselves!!! It was a fun and tiring day as a lolita to be working but i must say i did enjoy being helpful~!!

Ending this post with pictures of me when i'm finally home!
Nop, i'm not tired at all!!! haha!
Do let me know if you would like a video on how to achieve the makeup or hair in this blog post!!
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  1. You look so cute :3 and i love this pic with "angry face" haha

  2. Hey~ voted for you through that modelling competition! Could you blog about your workout routine and shows us how to get such a nice body as you~

    1. Thank you for voting, even though the competition had ended a while ago already, but still thankyou :)
      As for the workout routine/keep fit blog post i will get to it soon for you :)

  3. hey babe looking gorgeous as usual. see you around ;)


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