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So next saturday there will be an anime convention called SMASH! where all the anime and manga lovers will be present! There will be games, competitions, cosplayers, special guests and more!! 
Besides those event's there will also be a SMASH! Maid Cafe event where I will be there serving customers in a kawaii maid outfit! Bookings are essential and we do get booked out really quick so book a table for you and your friend early in the morning when you get into the convention, otherwise you will have no luck taking a peek inside the cafe, as photo's of the cafe & maid/butler themselves is prohibited!! 
We will hunt you down!!!
There will be a specific area where you may take photo's of/with the maids and/or butlers. If you don't abide to our rules we will bring our inner gangster and hunt you down!(jokes!) But please don't get us in trouble and read our rules and abide to them! Also you don't get to choose which maid or butler you want to be served by so it all depends on your luck if you get to be stuck with me!! Yippee~~ i hope i will be entertaining enough....if not..i'll be playing the crocodile dentist until i know the pattern of which tooth is the bad tooth!! But just in case you do not get me check out our 2012 Maid's & Butler's!!
SMASH!Maid Cafe Profile picture
This years' Maid Cafe will be having a Garden Tea Party Theme!! What's better about this year is that we are the first year to have high tea sets for only $20/person, usually they are about $30+ so this is actually quite cheap!! But the high tea sets will only be served during 12 noon-2pm only & places will be limited!! So save yourself a table for the high tea set on the SMASH! Maid Cafe Site
So come find me & my other butlers and maids at this years' SMASH! Maid Cafe & if you haven't bought your ticket already buy the pre-sale tickets as they stop selling them on Wednesday, 4th July (& i just realized that it's tomorrow!!) & you can enter the convention at 9am. But if you miss out on buying the pre-sale ticket fess not as you can buy the tickets on the day at the door but you can only enter after 9:30am.
I'm really looking forward to seeing every different customer that i will be serving and i hope we will both have a great time!! Since the morning shifts i will be out and about promoting the maid cafe come catch a photo with me if you can find me, muahhahahaa!!! Common it shouldn't be that hard to find maid's and butler's walking around giving you candy right..? That's all for now and i will see you soon!!

We're heading back to work nows. Bye~
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