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Ever since i found out about ASOS i have been buying bits and pieces from there every so often. ASOS is an online shop where they sell clothing, accessories and shoes for both men & women!!! Of course we can never miss out their beauty products which ranges from body, hair, nails and makeup!! They also include brands such as Vivienne Westwood (which just happens to be my favorite brand!) and Australian clothing brands such as MINKPINK, Motel, etc.
So today i thought i would share my most recent haul from ASOS which was in my mail last week but because i was away the entire week on my mini vacation (will blog about it later~) i didn't get the chance to even open the package until now. 
When i shop on ASOS i usually purchase accessories & makeup most of the time due to the most common issue of sizes!! Never know what the sizes are like but i guess the good thing about ASOS is that you can return, in it's original packaging/labels, within 28 business days after purchasing. So this time i decided to buy a pair of shoes!!

ASOS PAPARAZZI Leather Court Shoes With Metal Spike Heel, in Lemon. Bought these pair of shoes on sale for AUD$54.42!! They also come in Mint & Apricot.
ASOS Paparazzi Leather Court Shoes w/ Metal Spike Heel, in Lemon
ASOS Original Retail Price AUD$110.53
I also bought thee Illamasqua SS12 Human Fundamentalism Palette, in Neutral. You can purchase this palette at Myers for about AUD$70ish? but on ASOS it cost AUD$51.02, saving you about AUD$20! Some times buying stuff from ASOS can save you money as the prices can be cheaper!! I also got the ASOS Gummy Bracelet with Cross and Spike Charms for AUD$9.35.
Illamasquaa SS12 Human Fundamentalisn Palette, Neutral
Sydney, Myers, Original Retail Price AUD$70ish
ASOS Original Retail Price AUD$51.02
ASOS Gummy Bracelet w/ Cross & Spike charms
ASOS Original Retail Price AUD$13.60
 Moving along to more accessories i had purchased River Island Cross Chain Head Band, River Island Black Feather Hair Clip & ASOS Double Row Cross Charm Necklace. I bought the black feather clip & cross charm necklaces for half price each!! The black feather cost AUD$7.65 & the cross charm necklace cost AUD$5.10
River Island Cross Chain Head Band, RRP$8.50
River Island Black Feather Hair Clip, RRP$13.60
ASOS Double Row Cross Charm Necklace, RRP$10.20
 I also bought a House Of Holland For Pretty Polly Super Suspender for AUD$ 10.20 & a Magic Silicone Secret Bra at its' original price AUD$25.51.
House of Holland Stockings, RRP $20.41
Magic Silicone Bra, RRP$25.51
 Okay so last item i had purchased was a pair of MINKPINK high-waist lilac ripped shorts!! I really love these shorts as the colour is so cute and happy yet it has a slight edge to it with the ripped details! I bought my pair for AUD$74.80 but if you purchase them now you can get it for AUD$65.47!!!
Minkpink Zappo Ripped Denim Short, Lilac

This morning i went out for the SMASH! Maid Cafe photo shoot!! So make sure you come to SMASH! 2012 Maid Cafe as this year it will be a "Garden Tea Party" theme & it's the first year to have high tea set's in the menu for a limited time of course!! So make your bookings at SMASH!Maid Cafe Website "here". I won't be able to share any behind the scenes photo's until later so check out the website to see who are the maid's & butler's of this year!!
I will be doing a blog post on my one-week-vacation soon, as well as the leg care, colour contacts, health, diet & fitness and more!
A photo before i went on my one-week-long-vacation
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