Review: Candy Magic x Gossip Girl Green

It's been around a month since i last did a colour contact review and before i head out to uni i'm going to post up my review on Candy Magic x Gossip Girl in Green. 
How to open: Find the arrow to lift the cap open to open up the contact bottle
this how they look all bottled up
& this is how they look when they're in their case
Top: taken in a well lit room
Bottom: taken with flash

Comfort: ★★ 
These are soft contact lenses so they are really thin making them super comfortable to wear!! Much better than the Mimi Cafe Waffle Gray ones i must say.

Colour: ★★★★
There are about 3 different shades which give a natural look but their vibrant colour's make this pair of contacts really unique to wear!!

Enlargement: ★★★★★
Very enlarging for a 14.5mm in diameter contacts!! I thought i was wearing 15mm ones when i put them in!

Overall: ★★★★★
Super love these contacts!! The colours are amazing making it really fun to wear!!

Just filmed a new cosplay makeup tutorial!! Can you guess who??
I will be having a giveaway soon so hope you guys look forward to it!! Still need to think of what to giveaway!!!
Here i am wearing the CandyMagic x GossipGirl Green!
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